Saturday, 19 January 2019

Coronation Street Episode Review Friday 19 January 8.30pm

We're back, and at No. 8 The Brothers Grimm are still fighting it out over Audrey’s money. There’s a bit of insult-trading and scrapping, as they both completely lose the moral high ground and, unbeknownst to her, their Grandmother loses any chance of getting her money back.  They find Audrey and take her to Victoria Street where David announces that he and Nick are going to open a hipster barbers’ shop.

Over at the pub, Sally is getting plastered with her gang of ex-cons Abi and Gail. Yasmeen is sitting at their table, but you can’t help thinking that she might have to commit some sort of petty crime before she’s really accepted into the Metcalfe crew. That, or they could all get matching tattoos.

On the other side of the bar, Rana is worrying about the cost of her upcoming wedding to Princess Kate, (who earlier had a little sulk because she couldn’t have an expensive wedding outfit). Carla offers to help with budgeting and then after a little prompting from Mary offers to make the wedding dresses at the factory at cost. No one thinks to ask wedding-planner Michelle for any assistance, but then again Michelle is a nuptial Jonah. Get her involved and one of the brides will probably be eaten by a shark or swept away by a freak tornado.

The Metcalfe gang roll back to No. 4, where poor Tim has spent all day tidying the house, making dinner and chilling Sally’s favourite wine. All his hopes of a romantic horizontal reunion with his wife are immediately dashed when Sally drunkenly invites her new BFF Abi to move in with them.

Finally, after a day of trying to wind each other up with pregnancy leaflets and ovulation tests, Steve and Tracy start to consider whether having another baby in the house might actually be a good idea. As they draw up a list of pros and cons, Amy walks in and tells them she doesn’t want another brother or sister. They decide against it and opt for a chippy tea instead. Later Amy disappears to the toilet. As Steve begs to be allowed in, busting for a wee, Amy stares at a pregnancy test. It’s positive.  Be careful what you wish for Tracy and Steve.

I’ve been Kelly and I personally can’t wait for Liz to be told she’s going to be a great-grandmother.


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coconno196 said...

After consuming what looked like a bottle each of Sally's favourite white wine in the pub, the gang move onto red at home. I am surprised any of them are still standing. And surely Yazmeen doesn't drink?

popcorn said...

Great reviews, Kelly - - - well-written and funny!

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