Wednesday, 23 January 2019

Bhavna Limbachia leaving Coronation Street

Bhavna Limbachia, who plays Rana in Coronation Street is leaving the show. ITV have confirmed this today with the following statement:

"Bhavna Limbachia will be leaving Coronation Street later this year, she made the decision last year and spoke to Producer Iain MacLeod when he joined the show about her plans to leave.

"She has been fully involved in the discussions about Rana's leaving story, the details of which we are hoping to keep under wraps for the viewers. Bhavna is a talented actress and we wish her every success for the future."

The Sun today carry the details of Rana's shock exit storyline. I won't print that on the Blog for those who don't want to know, but you can read it here if you'd like to.

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Anonymous said...

OK, I admit, I had to look. WOW, just WOW!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I won't miss her at all. Unfortunately we will be subjected to incredibly annoying Kate carrying on. Thank God for the fast forward button!

christine said...

I cannot blame the actress for wanting to leave. What started out as a very promising character was ruined by the producers when the paired her with Kate.
Since the pairing, pretty much all of her scenes had her crying, anguished or upset mostly because of Kate.

Whem Rana first appeared, she was a fun loving professional working young woman. You could look up to a character like that and it showed a woman in a PROFESSIONAL job rather than behind the bar or in the factory.

it is a shame we are losing such a character...I really wish she was staying and that it was Kate that was leaving.

Kate is nothing more than a spoiled brat who thinks of nothing and no one but herself.

Rebecca said...

I second what Christine said. I really like the actress, it's a shame the writers took all the fun out of the character.

Tashacat said...

I agree with all the above comments. Rana was a strong, wilful, fun loving professional when she arrived. Now she is reduced to a snivelling wreck, scared of upsetting the spoilt brat that is Kate. I’d rather she was going to be honest.

popcorn said...

Shame. She is a much better actress than Kate. Couldn't Kate leave instead?

Anonymous said...

Maybe Kate can kill her because she didn't get everything she wanted and then Kate can go to prison for life. Well rid of both. I hate these characters since it has been all dripping mascara and selfishly childish attitudes. I agree that Rana started as a hopeful character, what happened?

JennyMac said...

Good! For me she never really clicked. Way too much crying and whingeing and that mouth! Hope she takes Kate wit6h her.

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