Tuesday, 15 January 2019

Coronation Street Spoiler: Amy pregnant – but who’s the dad?

The previews are in for next week’s Coronation Street and Amy Barlow gets confirmation that she’s pregnant.

However, when she demands an abortion, the nurse insists she must discuss her situation with an adult and Amy leaves upset. Amy texts Liz and asks to meet where she drops the bombshell that she’s pregnant and needs Liz to accompany her for an abortion. Convincing her she needs to speak to her Mum and Dad, Liz leads a nervous Amy home.

Whilst Tracy remains calm, Steve flies off the handle and storming into the corner shop accuses Aadi of getting Amy pregnant. Tracy tries the softly-softly approach with Amy, gently quizzing her about the father of her baby. Amy assures her it was consensual sex that took place at a party just before Christmas.

As Amy discusses her situation with Simon, Steve clocks their exchange and jumps to conclusions. When Steve reveals his suspicions about Simon, Tracy reads a text from Simon on Amy’s phone and sets off on the warpath. In front of Peter, Tracy accuses Simon of getting Amy pregnant which leads to Leanne and Tracy having the mother of all fights in the Street. 

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Anonymous said...

Come on Amy RU486 it. Wait, Tracey isn't going to suggest to adopt it and raise it as a sibling? Eastenders did that already.

Pat said...

So not looking forward to this storyline. Too many young teenage pregnancy stories in Corrie. Do the writers not know that the teenage pregnancy rate is falling? There is a serious lack of ambition in the young characters on Corrie. I thought that under Kate Oates at least there would be some bright, ambitious young women, as she was herself.

Anonymous said...

Amy has always been portrayed as very level-headed and smart. Very disappointing and unrealistic that they've chosen to take this route with the character.

Louby said...

Really lazy writing. It feels like no time since Faye was expecting. Has there ever been a young person who has been allowed to actually fulfil their potential? Andy McDonald did quite well. David got an A* for the one gcse he did take. Everyone seems to go downhill after moving to the street, like Daniel for example.

Anonymous said...

Enough with the endless pregnancies! Is birth control not available? Nicola, Leanne, Faye, Sara (x2), Sinead(1st time), etc. STDs must be rampant.

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