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Tuesday, 22 January 2019

Harry Visinoni interview: Bad news for Seb in Corrie

What is going through Seb’s head at the moment?
Seb feels pretty isolated and his emotions come out through anger and frustration. When he is in a bad situation, he makes things worse for himself.

Sarah is looking out for him, what are his feelings towards her?
Seb takes a liking to Sarah because she is kind and because he is quite a lonely person he takes the fact that she is being nice to him as something else and interprets that wrong. She is an older woman and he has attachment issues because Abi has not been a mother figure to him.

Adam offers to represent Seb for free, what does this mean to him?
It gives him a glimmer of hope because at the moment this is the only focus in his life. It’s his motivator to keep going and get up the next day and when Adam says he wants to help him, it encourages Seb to ignore the reality that adopting the twins isn’t really a plausible thing.

When Gary tells Seb that he is fired, what is his first thoughts?
Seb  feels betrayed by Gary because he thought of Gary as his mate. Even though Gary has his reasons, Seb can’t get past that his mate has let him down.

Does he also feel betrayed by Abi, who tells the court that Seb is lying about his employment?
Seb knows how Abi feels anyway and he doesn’t have any respect for her at this point. His opinion of her couldn’t get any lower.

Can you see Abi and Seb ever making amends?
There is that love between them and they are always going to have that relationship; there’s a fine line between love and hate. But that’s not to say that he isn’t being truthful in how his feelings come across towards her because he does think that essentially she is a waste of space.

Would you like Abi and Seb to be a happy family or do you prefer the storylines where there is friction between the characters?
The fact that their relationship is like a pendulum works best because they go through a lot!

If the judge ruled in Seb’s favour at the adoption hearing, do you think that Seb would be able to cope with the twins?
Given that responsibility, he probably would step up to the plate because that would be his life and he would take on that commitment, certainly better than how Abi would take it on. He has so much love for the twins and he would be a good parental figure to them.

If Seb doesn’t get the result that he wants, what will this do to him?
It would just be another big slap to the face mainly because he feels let down by everyone. All the people that he has come to rely on haven’t been in his corner and this hurts.

What is it like filming scenes with Sally Carman? 
I really enjoy it and we bounce of each other. She is a great person for me to look up to and learn a lot from because she is a talented actor. I love having a little family unit in the show and I really couldn’t ask for a better person to be playing my mum.

What advice would you give to Seb?
I feel like he is justified and the way he behaves make sense but I don’t think he should shout so much at people because that is not going to help him.

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