Friday, 18 January 2019

Coronation Street Episode Review; Weds 16th of Jan 8.30pm

Promises of 'threats and menace' on tonight's 2nd part of Corrie make me wonder if Sally will escape Marcia's evil clutches?

Yes but not quite. Coming to Sally's aid and just in time, is yoga pal Jody, who floors the scouse crim, as a thank you for helping the girls with their education.

Nick continues to fool a deluded Leanne, whilst David's at the cop shop reviewing the footage. Spotting a tattoo on the CCTV image, David quickly realises who the culprit is. Back at The Rovers, David organises a family dinner and a pre-meal shave for Nick.  Rana and Kate decide to hold their wedding at the pub in hope of bringing it back to its former glory.

At the hospital, Daniel is worried about baby Osbourne and is informed that the premature birth has caused a bowel defect. Holding off from telling Sinead, the little fella is christened Bertie, in honour of Ken's 'Uncle' Albert.

Meanwhile, Tracy's reverse psychology is having little effect on Steve, the cab boss is suddenly a bit broody. Over dinner at the bistro, Tracy confesses that her feelings have changed and Steve admits defeat.

At the Salon, David lets slip that he knows his brother stole Audrey's cash. A little cut for Nick (that's the promised menace) does little to dispel his duplicity though. Blackmailing David with the truth about Kylie's death, how much lower can Nick go?

Back at The Rovers, the mood is lifted as a newly released Sally strolls back onto Coronation Street, and witnesses Tim moodily harassing Imran. In no mood to celebrate, Sally laments to Peter and quickly exits the party.  Welcome home Sal!

That's all for this Wednesday, I shall be back same time, next week.

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Anonymous said...

If Audrey has no money left and Gail doesn't seem to work why were they swigging expensive wine in the bistro ( before they knew Nick was going to be buying) instead of some cheap plonk from the co op?

Trace Elements said...

I was well impressed with David's shaving skills. Although it was probably a blunt edge, it still looked - and sounded - good!

Shells said...

It was the truth about Callum's death. Callum.... buried in a hole under Gail's bedroom. Blamed on the late Tony)


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