Saturday, 26 January 2019

Coronation Street Episode Review Friday 25 January 8.30pm

We’re back and the father is revealed as bad boy Tyler. He and Amy sit down together in the garden and after some initial recriminations, you see a bit of affection between them. A softer side of Tyler emerges as he tells Amy he likes her, and you think that maybe he’s just misunderstood and these two could actually make a go of it. But it’s a fleeting moment. When Amy admits that her parents know about the pregnancy, he turns mean and demands that she tells no one he’s the father and gets rid of the baby.

Over at James’s house Tyrone is starting to realise how little he really knows about his Nanna. James tells him how Evelyn has looked out for him since his parents died in a car accident which left him in a wheelchair. They also go on holiday together every year, and this year it’s a trip around Europe. Tyrone is prickly and it’s clear that Evelyn is uncomfortable with James and Tyrone being in the same room. Is she hiding something?

Back at the Rovers having exhausted their supply of sambuca, Sarah invites herself to Adam’s for a nightcap. They flirt over a glass of wine but when Adam leans in for a kiss, Sarah rebuffs him and rushes from the flat with Adam following. A passing Seb assumes that Adam is hassling her and this ends with Adam, (who may need to work on controlling his testosterone), punching him. Sarah takes Seb back to No.11 and tends to his injuries, but when Gary and Nicola turn up, she lies that she just found Seb being set upon by a mystery man.

Over at No.1 Simon’s day isn’t getting any better.  With Leanne still trying to bully him into revealing the father of Amy’s baby he lets slip that he and Peter are planning to go sailing on the boat in the summer holidays. Leanne is furious, (presumably because she is ideologically opposed to anything that vaguely resembles fun) and tells him he needs to concentrate on school instead. Incensed Simon goes for a walk only to be ambushed by Tyler who tells him he needs to either say that Amy’s baby is his or make her have an abortion.

Back at No. 9 James has called round to return Evelyn’s purse which she left behind. Tyrone apologises for his earlier frostiness, admitting he felt slightly jealous of their closeness. James tells him that his Nan never stops talking about him and then drops a terrible bombshell when he tells Tyrone that that leaving him at the police station was the hardest thing Evelyn ever had to do. Looks like Evelyn has some explaining to do.

I’ve been Kelly and whatever Evelyn has done I will forgive her for the line: ‘Some of us are an open book, some of us are a closed book. You, you’re more like a colouring book.’

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Louby said...

That was a great line!

I'm a lot more interested in whatever happened in Evelyn's past than the pregnancy storyline and how that seems to be developing. Is Tyrone's mum alive after all?

Humpty Dumpty said...

At last they're doing something interesting with Evelyn. Like the rest of us, Maureen Lipman must be relieved. As for the new development with Tyler making Simon take responsibility for Amy's baby, I don't think I can stomach Ken's horror, Facebook bullying by school mates etc etc. Hopefully, Simon escapes to the Navy. PS: I see a self-harming storyline on the horizon about teenage boys do it, too.

popcorn said...

@Humpty Dumpty - We already saw Daniel do that one.

Anonymous said...

For someone who claims she's 'broke' and complains about the money Gary spent on clothes fro his son Zack,I find it hyporcritical for Sarah to be wearing designer clothes[even a leather jacket] herself to go out and cheat on Gary with Adam.

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