Monday, 7 January 2019

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Mon 7 Jan

Monday 7th January 2019

GINA IS DESPERATE TO CHANGE SALLY’S SITUATION Imran summons Duncan to his office while Gina and Kirk head off to Duncan’s address. When Abi is released from prison, Marcia makes threats to Sally. Tim spots Duncan at the solicitors and insists he’s going to follow him home. Gina breaks into Duncan’s flat. Imran becomes suspicious about Duncan’s wife. When Duncan returns home, Gina hides under the bed.
CHESNEY MAKES A DECENT PROPOSAL Chesney lies to Emma about why he missed the picnic. Later, Paul spots Chesney talking to Carla so he threatens Gemma that he’ll reveal her past to Rita if she or Chesney give him any more grief. Gemma makes out their kiss meant nothing and she simply felt sorry for him.
JENNY COMES CLEAN Liz returns from hospital and angrily tells Johnny she’ll make sure he pays for his actions. Jenny calls on Liz and begs her to drop the charges against Johnny and Liz realises that Jenny was driving the car.
ELSEWHERE Brian returns home from the first day of term and confirms that he was offered his old job back but he turned it down. Gary tells a gutted Seb that he’s going to have to cut his wages before breaking the news to Sarah that they’re so behind on rent that the landlord wants them out today. Mary bids a tearful farewell to Angie and George as they leave for South Africa.

Monday 7th January 2019

GINA ‘MAY’ HAVE FOUND THE ANSWER Gina hides under the bed but when Duncan becomes distracted by Tim hammering on the door, she makes her escape through a window. Duncan threatens to call the police on Tim. After Tim leaves, Duncan sets off up the road and Gina follows him to a phone box. When Duncan heads off, Gina slips into the phone box and presses redial. What will she find?
LOVE IS ALL AROUND - FOR EVERYONE BUT GEMMA Hurt by Gemma’s rejection, Chesney puts everything in to his relationship with Emma. Elsewhere, Paul flirts with Billy
JENNY’S OPENED PANDORA’S BOX Liz is furious and disgusted with both Johnny and Jenny. Johnny’s worried sick that she’ll go to the police.
ELSEWHERE David tells Gary and Sarah that they can move into No.8. Despite Cathy’s protestations, Brian insists his teaching days are over and he’ll find a new career.

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Anonymous said...

I sense a blackmail story line coming up with Liz blackmailing Johnny to hand over the Rovers to her or else she'll go tot he police about Jenny.
That was all Liz wanted anyway,the Rovers not Johnny.

coconno196 said...

Highly unlikely that the South African firm would just offer Angie a job! People have to apply for jobs and prove they are the best of the many candidates. Why on earth would they employ someone from the UK rather than a local?

Also, how many people now live at No. 8? David, Shona, Max, Lily, Gail, Bethany, Sarah, Gary, Harry, Audrey...

Sara said...

Angie used to work for the firm in South Africa didn't she?

Anonymous said...

Absolutely detesting Liz Macdonald now....used to like her until she did the dirty with Johnny Rotten.

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