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Tuesday, 29 January 2019

Julia Goulding interview: Shona's son returns to Corrie

When Shona discovers Clayton’s dad has died of an overdose, what are her first thoughts, does she decide she needs to see Clayton to break the news herself?
Yes, her mothering instinct kicks in and she just needs to get to her baby and break the news to him that his dad has died, so it’s not an easy job.

Shona hasn’t seen Clayton for quite a long time, in what state does she find him in prison? Is he struggling to cope and does it pull at her heart strings?
Yes it’s exactly that, he’s an absolute mess and all her instincts as a mother completely kick in and it’s heartbreaking for her to see. She just wants to do anything she can to help him.

As a mum does she want to help her son?
She does but Clatyton is a very bad boy. He says his life is at risk in prison, he’s being threatened and he wants her to help him get a move to a different prison. 

Shona and David’s relationship hasn’t been easy but right now they’re in a good place, does she worry about revealing she’s been to visit Clayton?
Absolutely she’s worried about telling David she’s been to visit him, they’ve got a rule that they don’t talk about it so even though she doesn’t talk about it she does keep in contact with Clayton, it’s just never mentioned. But with such a huge betrayal at stake there with David if she does keep this is a secret that’s on her mind too.

Is David as angry as she anticipates?
It comes across as anger towards Shona but what’s later explained after an altercation with Nick is that it’s also anger with himself because David wants to be there for her and support her but with Clayton he just can’t and therefore he’s frustrated with himself.

How does Nick react when he hears that Shona’s talking to Imran about getting a move for Clayton?
Nick’s on it, he’s massively confrontational, he doesn’t like Shona and she doesn’t particularly like him because he let David down so there’s not a lot of love lost there. So I think he probably relishes the fact that she’s in this really difficult predicament.

It quickly becomes clear that isn’t likely, how does Clayton react when Shona delivers the news?
He totally spits his dummy out of the pram and he uses every method he can as her son, and knowing that she loves him, to change her mind. He comes up with another plan and while Shona doesn’t want to consider it, with his life being threatened, that does tip the tables and she’s torn.

Do you think this is something David and Shona can get through or will the Clayton issue always come between them?
Well it’s not ideal is it (laughs) but these things are sent to test us and crikey have they been tested throughout their relationship. I’d like to think that it will make them stronger and they can get past it but eventually will there be an obstacle in the road that completely sends them off track who knows.

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