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Saturday, 19 January 2019

Corrie weekly update – Baby Bertie and the Barlows

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Uncle Albert
Bertie Osbourne was born into the world of Weatherfield this week when Sinead was forced to give birth or die from her tumour. Baby Bertie (named after Ken Barlow’s first wife Valerie’s Uncle Albert who lived with them at No. 1) is a tiny little thing, ill too. At first Daniel keeps the news about Bertie’s illness from Sinead but it’s Tracy who tells him that Sinead has to know.

Sally was freed from jail this week (hurrah!) after Duncan confesses all to the cops in after being hit by the truck last week. What Sally doesn’t know, or won’t acknowledge for now, is that sister Gina was instrumental in bringing down Duncan when Sophie and Tim managed to lose his wife May. Gina found her and got her involved in bringing Duncan down. But Sally doesn’t want anything to do with Gina, blaming her for sending her to jail in the first place. Now that Sally’s back home she’s having trouble settling in. Tim prepares a romantic meal for her with wine and roses and a casserole in the oven. He’s even got his apron on. But Sally’s not for a cosy home life just yet, she wants to let rip and gets roaring drunk in the Rovers with her new best mates Abi, Yasmeen and Gail. A fantastically funny scene.

Audrey’s got problems this week when dry rot sets in at her home in Grasmere Drive. She’s always having problems with that place, it deserves a mini-series of its own. Anyway, she sells half of the salon to Claudia to pay for the repairs on her home. David’s incensed when he finds out what his gran has gone and done. He’s also figured out that brother Nick was the one who stole their gran’s eighty thousand pounds. And in a wonderful scene in the salon, David gives Nick a shave – one slip and Nick could’ve been a goner in a wonderfully menacing scene. Now David knows the truth about his nan’s missing money, he threatens Nick that he’ll tell Audrey what he’s done. But after David finds out that Audrey’s sold half the salon to Claudia, he wants revenge on Audrey - and on Nick too. He tells them both he’s opening a barber shop in Victoria Street and that Nick is investing his cash. It’s a blow to Audrey and a shock to Nick. But David’s plan to become the demon barber of Coronation Street looks set to go ahead.

Elsewhere this week, Steve and Tracy talk babies. Should they have another child or not? Well, as they vacillate (and there’s a word I’ve never used in a weekly update before), there’s going to be a baby in their family whether they want one or not. Amy is pregnant – but who’s the dad?

And that’s just about that for this week.  

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Humpty Dumpty said...

Like everyone who does a pregnancy test in Corrie, Amy leaves the wrapper in the bathroom where it can be found by the family. Surely a bright young thing like Amy would follow the ancient traditions of going to a public convenience with a best friend to take the test and dispose of the evidence. There's always Manchester train station.

Anonymous said...

Surely a bright young thing like Amy would have used contraception or even better just said NO!

coconno196 said...

Exactly what I thought, Anon, and probably every single viewer! Amy is the least likely girl to get pregnant.


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