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Monday, 14 January 2019

Coronation Street Episode Review: Friday 11 January 2019

A little late on duty this week as I have been visiting London and Leicester.  I think I will start with looking at "Nasty Nick" who keeps trying to convince everyone that no-one is interested in Gran's missing money.  Somehow Nick manages to pay £30k in cash into the Underworld Bank account without getting done for money laundering and provides Elsa with a cheque for the same amount to get her off of his back (I assume the other £10k came from the sale of the car a week or so ago) and she will now sign the divorce papers.  He spins Carla a story about it being his own money and she calls him a real "piece of work" these days.  This will come as a surprise to Gail as she considers him to be St Nick!  And you remember he told Leanne "no more lies"?  So Nick explains he was due a lump sum from the Nottingham restaurant and has used that to pay off Elsa.  Even David finds it hard to believe - but Nick has them all convinced.

Meanwhile Claudia is invited to assist the police with their enquiries as Audrey believes Lewis stole the money and gave it to Claudia.  Not surprisingly (at least to Nick) she is released with no charge as there is no evidence.  David observes that her release was inevitable as there were no cells big enough for the hairdo!

The mass brain power of Tim and Sophie decide that Olivia, Duncan's daughter, deserves to know that her mother is alive and well and living in Costa Rica.  She comes to Speed Dahl allegedly for a booking as a model (she was modelling with Rosie at Underworld when this all started) and together with Yasmeen she is told the truth.  It is hardly a surprise that she chooses not to believe them and summons Duncan who escorts her out of the restaurant, pointing out that Tim has no evidence, apart from hearing May's voice on the phone and that Olivia did not attend her mother's funeral. Tim pursues Duncan back to his flat.

It would appear that Beth is not impressed by receiving a copy of "National PornGeographic" through her letter box in place of her normal magazine; Brian, newly employed at the Kabin, has streamlined the magazine delivery system and Roy has received "Classic Railings" in place of "Classic Railways".  He has also been half inching the cola chews and is proving a less than perfect employee.  He seeks to make amends by taking all the early morning duties which Rita over-rules saying she is still capable of doing some of them.  Rita sees Brian's mistakes as opportunities to learn and he is grateful for her attitude.

At the Rovers there is a lot of chit chat about Johnny, Jenny and Liz as the truth of earlier events spreads to new ears.  Jenny reckons that they will both be going to jail and is concerned over who will look after the Rovers.  Without telling Jenny, Johnny gets Carla to agree to run the pub if they are both sent to the Big Houses.  Also in the Rovers Ken tears a strip off Audrey for making unfounded allegations against Claudia.  Ken is appalled by her behaviour and says so!  Claudia later comes into the Rovers with two years of accounts showing how successful she is along with the letters from Lewis's clients demonstrating how the funeral was funded.  The police have accepted the evidence and Claudia has been eliminated from enquiries.  Nick assures Audrey that one possibility is that whoever took the money might just repay it or as Leanne observes perhaps Nick's magic money tree can be given another shake!

Sinead is now both heavily pregnant and feeling unwell from the treatment.  She also thinks that Daniel will not love her once she loses her hair.  Despite his protestations she is feeling down so he gets Kirk to lay out a romantic dinner and he heads to the salon so that David can remove all of his floppy hair, although David does offer a Brazilian instead (above).  Sinead catches Kirk out and he confesses so she sends Daniel messages not to have it all cut off.  Daniel returns to the flat wearing a beanie telling Sinead that he had it all cut off.   Sinead eventually removes the beanie - we are saved from the sight of a bald Daniel as his floppy hair is still in residence so she ruffles it.  Later in the evening the hospital phones and they need Sinead to go in first thing in the morning (that will be Monday then) to discuss something which has been found on the scan.

Tim hammers on Duncan's door - but he is walking back talking to May his mobile but he will have to go quiet for a while until things have calmed down and he can join his wife in Costa Rica.  Duncan decides to make a run for it when Tim suggests calling the police but fails to end the phone connection.  The two men chase through a few streets until both are panting and a halt is called to the chase.  Duncan and Tim talk briefly with Duncan still telling Tim he will not change his story and indeed Duncan says that if he died then he would be unable to change his story and get Sally released. 

Duncan takes a step back off of the pavement and is mown down by a passing vehicle - all of which is heard by May in Costa Rica and is hard to screen grab, the sub title says it all!  Tim can hardly believe what just happened.  May can be heard on the phone asking if there is anyone there.

It looks like we will never know just why Duncan decided to do what he did and how will Sally get her freedom?  And just when did Nick turn bad, although if he is going to repay it then perhaps he just sees it as an unorthodox loan arrangement?  Sinead's news is not going to be good is it - you just know.  Will the two J's miss out on doing time?  Whilst I wouldn't mind Carla behind the bar I cannot see it happening.

Which wraps up my report this week.  MsKelstar should be here for the next couple of weeks whilst I receive some medical attention.

Writer Ian Kershaw & Cameron McAllister
Director: Brett Fallis


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