Monday, 28 January 2019

Coronation Street Episode Review Monday 28th January

Would Amy have got pregnant if she was still Patience Cropper? If she'd had the steady guiding hands of Roy and Hayley, would she be a sensible girl who'd never be attracted to the likes of lads like Tyler? Or if she were, at least insist on using contraception. Or would her genetic inheritance of Steve's wandering sperm and Tracy's over-active nethers have lead to the same place? Anyroad, Steve thinks the best thing to do is to tell all and sundry (Abi) about his daughter's private business; she tells him that he should find out what Amy actually wants. Tyler summons Amy but it's (newly) sensitive Simon who turns up, telling her that Tyler told him to tell her to get down the abortion clinic, pronto. This winds Amy up something proper, so she confronts Tyler, telling him she wants to have the baby. Giving birth at 14 just to annoy a junior thug seems like a bad idea. Anyway, Tracy works out that young master Jefferies is the actual baby-daddy and in a long tradition of terrible soap notions, she and Stevie Mac say they will raise the child as their own. Presumably the writers are looking ahead to an ep in 2035 when baby McDonald-Jefferies screeches: "You aint my mam!" at Amy and she yells back: "Yes I am!"

Talking of Abi, who reveals herself to be a Donny girl (Doncaster represent!), she starts work helping silver fox Peter fix the boat. They swap prison and addiction stories and it looks like Abi's got her eye on more than the skiff.

Meanwhile, Pythagora in clogs (Evelyn) is preparing for her trip, oblivious to the frosty atmos at number 9. Interrupting her packing (hat, nice hat, snood, spare jacket for Cerberus), Tyrone demands the truth. She reveals that Cassie, Ty's mum, was a drug addict and Evelyn abandoned Tyrone as she couldn't cope with a new born and it seemed like the best thing to do. She apologises to Tyrone, but even though she's glad she got a second chance to know him, she would do the same thing again.

Sarah's feeling guilty about her near miss with convenient lothario Adam and also about Seb's black eye. To assuage her guilt she persuades Adam to represent Seb at the hearing for the (yawn) twins adoption. At the same time, she puts Gary's name forward for the refit of the (demon) barbers a.k.a The Temple of Groom (name tbc). I know Tina O'Brien looks like a fresh faced pixie, but Sarah-Lou is supposed to be 32, it's about time she was a little bit sensible. Audrey, in a very fetching cloche hat, wants to look at the plans for the rival business. David tells her they're looking for hipsters, not hip replacements and won't show her.

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May said...

Yet another character (Adam) gets blackmailed into doing something they don't want to. Sarah is so annoyingly superior, she shouldn't have got drunk and flirted with Adam and Seb shouldn't have barged into their business.

Anonymous said...

Young Adult X; You're not my muvva!
Adult Amy Barlow: Oh, yes I am!

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