Wednesday, 23 January 2019

Jack P Shepherd's had a hair transplant

There's some images circulating on the interweb this week. No, it's not one of Corrie's latest stunts, it's Jack P Shepherd's hair transplant.  I won't post the pictures here but you can see them on the Manchester Evening News website.

Jack revealed he's had a hair transplant after off-screen stress and insomnia made his hair fall out.

Jack said: ''One of my mates had a transplant and he looked so much better afterwards that I didn't recognise him. I was blown away by the improvement and he told me he wished he had done it earlier."

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abbyk said...

If it makes him happy, fantastic. Glad he has the option. JPS is such a compelling actor, anything to help him keep his edge.

Avril said...

I noticed it last week in an ep - I was wondering what is different and I realized his hairline changed.

Anonymous said...

I always think that David's hair looks a complete mess considering he is a hairdresser.

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