Tuesday, 15 January 2019

Tina O'Brien Interview: Sarah dumps Gary - for Adam?

How are things going for Sarah and Gary?

They have been struggling financially for a while and now that Audrey has moved in Sarah and Gary find themselves sleeping on the floor on airbeds. It is causing real tensions for them. And to cap it all the dog chews the airbed and it bursts. Gary tries to see the lighter side but Sarah is not at all happy.

What would Sarah really like?

All she has ever wanted is a place f their own and she even asks Nick for a pay rise to try and give her a break but he says no. She really is at her wits end with it all.

What is the situation with Gary’s work?

He hasn’t really had any proper work for weeks so when Audrey offers him the opportunity to give her a quote for the work that needs doing Sarah is delighted. But she’s gutted when Audrey gets a cheaper quote and doesn’t book Gary for the job. 

How does she feel when Nicola arrives on the street with baby Zack?

She doesn’t actually have a problem with Nicola, they reached an agreement and it is all very civil. But she is not impressed when she sees the designer clothes that Gary has bought or Zack, they are sleeping on the floor and the baby is wearing expensive clothes!

What happens when Sarah sees Gary talking to Joe?

Sarah is absolutely furious. Gary nearly got himself killed working for Joe last time and she is furious that he is considering working for him again. Gary is desperate though and he is trying to provide for his family and his sons, but as soon as he starts talking about working in Qatar for Joe Sarah absolutely loses it.

What does she do?

Well Nicola backs her up and tells her that she offered Gary the chance to stop the maintenance payments Sarah is really angry as she had no idea Nicola had offered that and that gary had refused. She decides to hit the bar and starts drinking to try and drown her sorrows.

Why does she agree to have a nightcap with Adam?

She’s not really thinking straight she just wants to try and avoid Gary and it seems like a good idea. 

Does she fancy Adam?

He’s a good looking guy but that is not why she goes back with him, but once they are at the flat they start flirting over a bottle of wine and she is clearly giving off some signals because Adam goes in for a kiss! Sarah has found herself in a bit of a tricky situation to say the least.

What happens when Seb sees her leaving the flat?

She is a bit flustered and Seb assumes that Adam is harassing her and he pushes him but Adam is furious and Seb gets up getting punched. Sarah is keen to deflect from the fact that she was in Adam’s flat and takes Seb back to her house to sort out his injuries. But Gary turns up.

What does she say to Gary?

She totally lies to Gary and tells him that Seb was jumped by some strangers but the problem with this is she is relying on Seb to back her up, she can only hope that he does as there isn’t much love lost between gary and Seb so it is a risky strategy.

Do you think Sarah can ever find happiness with Gary?

Sarah does love Gary and they have been through a lot and managed to stick together but she probably deserves a quieter life and a lot less hassle than he gives her. People do seem to like them together and want them to try and work things out.

Could you see her and Adam together?

Yes I guess so but he isn’t likely to give her an easy life either is he, it would be out of the frying pan and into the fire.

Is looks like a busy year ahead for the Platts are you looking forward to it?

Well life is never really quiet when you are a Platt is it? But from the moment Lewis died and Audrey moved onto the street things have started building up, there are going to be lots of secrets and it looks as though the family are going to be tested once more but this time it isn’t someone from outside causing them problems it is all internal.

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Anonymous said...

Here we go again,another Sarah sleeping with someone story line!
The writers are scraping the bottom of the barrel not to mention running outof men for Sarah to sleep with!
As for Gary,I wished he pointed out to Sarah it was HER idea that they move into Victoria Flats not his knowing they couldn't afford the rent

Kosmo said...

I am sure I have said somewhere that Sarah-Lou and Adam should get together uniting the Platts and the Barlows on the Street would mean those two families (who actually rarely share much action) generating a whole new series of stories. I wonder who pinched my idea!

Unknown said...

Audrey was financially independent before she got the 80,000 pounds so why is it that now that this money was lost she is destitute?

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