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Corrie weekly update – Prince of packing picks a perfect packer

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It’s New Year’s Eve and Peter takes Carla to see the old snooker hall he’s intending to buy. The place is a dump but it’s where the two of them see out the old, with more sparks flying between them than those in any fireworks display that rung in the new Peter gets spooked inside the snooker hall when Dev and Kirk tell him it’s haunted. He laughs off their superstitions and then gets his own back on them both by setting up a projection of a green and vile apparition from beyond.  Peter tells Carla he was happiest when he was sailing his boat on the high seas and so she buys him a boat named Lost Buoy. It sits outside the factory getting on everyone’s nerves. Job done.

Lewis died this week after he had a heart attack in Audrey’s bedroom holding an engagement ring in his head. “He was going to propose and I was going to say yes,” Audrey tells all and sundry. But no-one believes her, least of all Gail, who reckons Lewis fleeced Audrey of the eighty thousand pounds that Archie left her in his will. Audrey falls out with Gail after Lewis’ death but then remembers that Lewis was the one who set up her online banking and knew all her passwords.  Audrey feels a fool but is it really Lewis who’s stolen the cash? And is he really dead? (I have to say, I’m not convinced).

The new year ushered in a new character called Paul. We’ve seen him before, he was David’s cell-mate when they were in jail. He also turns out to be Gemma’s twin brother and it’s clear they don’t get along. Billy gets him a job at the factory after self-styled prince of packing, Kirk, picks his perfect packer. Paul gets an admirer by way of Izzy but his head has already been turned by Billy.

Emma wants Chesney’s attention and to get it she decides to be more Gemma. She dresses like Gemma, has her hair done like Gemma, slaps the make-up on like Gemma. But Chesney wants Emma the way she is. He also wants Gemma too. Who’d have thought he’d turn out to be such a stud muffin? There was a lovely line in the salon this week about Chesney when Maria calls him a dark horse. “More like My Little Pony,” laughs David.

Mary drags Roy all the way to Blackpool when a private detective tells her he’s found her son Jude. Off she goes to find Jude calling himself Dr. Ken Barlow and passing himself off as an orthopaedic surgeon. He’s in debt to the B&B where he’s been staying and Mary pays his bill. She also gives him a wad of cash and waits for him in Roy’s woody on the prom. Of course, he doesn’t come and Mary knew in her heart he never would. Angie and George decide to return to South Africa. It’s testament to the character of Mary and the writers who create such wonderful dialogue for her that she’s elevated herself above the nonsense of the Jude and Angie storyline. I’m glad to see them both go.

And finally, Sally continues to languish in jail while Tim decides to find Duncan and get his wife free. 

And that’s just about that for this week.  

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abbyk said...

I’m going to miss Angie. She’s a normal, capable person on a street where most are on the edge of something OTT. Normal sometimes comes off as boring, but can also be believable, the character we can identify with. She has a useful job in a workspace with two hunky peers. She is pretty but doesn’t know it (has she ever taken a selfie?). Most important, tho, are 2 relationships. She brings out the absolute kindest best in Mary, and she is a desperately needed friend for Toyah. She is well rid of Jude, as are we all (he could always bubble up offscreen as Violet and Dylan do for Sean, but as an annoyance). My wish is that she has to come back to settle some aspect of her divorce and decides to stay. If kinda normal Imran and Robert can find a place, I’ll bet she could as well.

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