Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Coronation Street Spoiler: Gary decides to leave Weatherfield

Gary ends up in hospital in next week’s Coronation Street after an accident at work. Yes, the ginger god of the Street, is hospitalised after ending up underneath a pile of bricks when some scaffolding collapses on top of him.

Unfortunately for Gary, he’s not insured and when Sarah’s wanting to put a deposit down on a flat for them both, he reckons there’s only one way for him to get the cash.  He tells his old army mate Joe that he’ll take the security work in the Ukraine as he needs cash fast.

Gary lies to Sarah, making out he jacked his job in as he’s landed some more lucrative work with his Dad in Hamburg. Will Gary leave? Will Sarah find out the truth?

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Anonymous said...

"Not insured"?? How does someone hot have NHS coverage in the UK?

Unknown said...

we could write better story's they always get it wrong as they miss the small things

Cobblestone said...

Anon @ 04:36 They are referring to Personal Liability Insurance, in order to work free-lance on building sites. Of course his medical treatment will be free at the point of us, thanks to our wonderful NHS (which may be stretched but can always manage a private room for anyone who comes a cropper on our favourite street) ;).

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