Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Coronation Street Spoiler: Rosie Webster - Super Snooper

Rosie Webster is a woman not averse to filming things she shouldn’t on her mobile phone. Remember when she filmed Carla Connor giving Liam a snog on the doormat?

Well, Rosie’s at it again next week when she films one of her window cleaning clients Mr Banks having a fling with a floozy.

The reason she films him is that Mr Banks’ wife is a potential client for Adam and Todd’s new solicitor’s business. Rosie is after a job as their PA and wrangles an interview with them.

When she brings in the goods in the form of a film showing Mr Banks playing around, could this be enough to impress Todd and Adam and let her have the job working with them both in the new practice?

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Tashacat said...

Rosie beng employed as a PA to the lawyers is abiut as realistic as Liz being a medical receptionist, but there is potential for comedy

C in Canada said...

Todd, Adam and Rosie all working together? What could go wrong? LOL
I agree with Tashacat that this has big potential for comedy.

Laura said...

Yes, I'm looking forward to this too. Really enjoying Rosie's return.

Cobblestone said...

She was Carla's PA for about a year, so she does have the experience.

Tashacat said...

Cobblestone, I'd forgotten that!

Zagg said...

What is it with soaps showing men in women's short housecoats? Is this a real British trend or are they trying to be funny? It's just weird.There isn't one man I know or have ever known who would put one on.

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