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Coronation Street Episode Review - Weds 2nd August 2017

Welcome to another Weatherfield Wednesday review. A short and sharp synopsis (with opinion) of our favourite street and all the drama.

Tonight's episode begins in the cafe, as Kevin is joyous and it looks like he has sold the garage. Frescho's champagne on ice? I'd put it on hold Kev. After a sudden divulgence of his dalliance with Erica to BFF Tim, tonight's episode conclusion is set in motion.Tim is the 'Everyman' of the street so his balanced view of the situation is what you'd expect. However, he doesn't vouch for Mary overhearing all of this, at the garage. I will be sad to see Erica go.

As a new parent myself, I can certainly sympathise with Leanne & Steve's sleep deprivation as they share parenting (and cafe breakfasts) together. Now, I like the idea of Norris and Mary entwined in matrimony but the ex-rovers boss and bistro bore together?. I'd like to 'divorce' this set-up before it even begins.

Talking of the bistro, Michelle is driving to Leeds and informs Robert that 'all will be fine' and 'no need to worry'. We already know that these are ominous words. I hate to dampen the raging masculinity that seems to drench dull Robert these days, but I'm not buying this story either. After another macho stand off meeting with Rich (down the corrie ginnel, obviously), it seems the phantom stabber may be innocent this time (just don't mention it to Chesney).

As Billy and Todd tempt Summer with robot building, scouse builder Phelan nervously awaits the DNA results from Nicola.

Meanwhile, Dev is no robot and his emotions have come to the fore. Upon hearing the news from Mary of Kev & Erica's near miss, he strides towards the Garage and I was hoping for a Gail & Eileen classic cobbles showdown. However, the ruckus soon fizzled out and after a few choice words.

I feel sympathy for Dev in this situation, which is surprising considering I'm a big Kevin Webster fan. What are your thoughts? We know Kev has a reputation and nothing really happened, right?

Over at Eileen's, Phelan is pleasantly pleased to learn that Nicola is his daughter. To watch Phelan grow into this 3-dimensional character (I clearly remember that spitefully rich businessman that bullied Anna), is a testament to Connor Mcintyre's acting credibility and some fantastic storyline writers. Watching Phelan shed the solitary tear, I can't help but feel empathy for this character, yet we know he's a bad 'un! I have paradoxical feelings for Phelan, that's what it is!

As Summer proves troublesome for 'Tilly' with the robot, Steve and Leanne watch baby Oliver sleep and regale in the joys of shared parenting. With Toyah also seeking surrogacy, it was certainly a motif for tonight's episode.

Hold on... is that my 10-month old daughter crying? I'm off.

I shall be back next Wednesday for another round of Corrie musings.

Speak soon!

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Mrs Manners said...

As much as I like Gemma I am getting fed up of her talking with her mouth full of food.

Anonymous said...

I also felt sorry for Dev.
Something did happen between Erica and Kevin as they were kissing each other more than once while Anna was at home looking after his son from his affair with Tyrone's wife!
If all the writers can think for Kevin is betraying his friends by flirting or sleeping with their wives\girlfriends,then perhaps he should leave the Street too!

Anonymous said...

To be honest I wouldn't miss Kevin one bit if he left the street and took Sophie and Rosie with him.

boris the spider said...

I agree about Gemma. I can't think why this character is so popular, I can't stand her. Always talking with her mouth full, it's not funny and it's not clever. And she's always interfering in everyone's lives and causing more trouble than enough. Again, it's not funny.

Also agree about Kevin, I think his time on the street is up. The writer's have treated Claire King really badly!

Humpty Dumpty said...

Gemma started off OTT. She calmed down and was beginning to become a believable character. Now she's off the scale again. Are directors only concerned with set logistics with no time for developing the characters? You often hear Corrie actors say they can't bear to watch themselves on screen. Shame, otherwise they would see what we see.

Gale said...

Dev must be a crapoy lover as he has never been able to keep a woman who will be faithful. Who would want to as he is self absorbed and treats his partners as servants. He sholuld try gay

Cobblestone said...

Christ, no! We don't want him!

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