Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Adam Barlow - King of Underworld?

Sam Robertson gives a good interview to this week's Inside Soap magazine in which he talks about his character Adam Barlow wanting nothing more than to be the knicker king at Underworld.

Yes, Adam's after the factory - and Eva!

"I think they'd make a good couple," he says. "I've watched the scenes Catherine Tyldesley and I have done and I think it's there. Adam spent the first nine years of his months being on the periphery of everyone else's relationships and having none of his own.  Now his game plan is to get the factory and the girl. The problem is Adam's greed - he wants it all and that may be his downfall."

However, Maria has sussed that something's going on between Adam and Eva (ooh and that's a name match almost made in heaven). So could Maria put an end to Adam's claim on the factory, and his relationship with Eva by telling all to Aidan?

I'm liking this storyline, it's been a long time since we had a factory fandango. Bring it on!

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Anonymous said...

And then bring back Danny (Bradley walsh) baldwin

Anonymous said...

Adam is a heck of a lot smarter than Aiden, but having said that a box of hair would be smarter. LOL.
I wouldn't mind Adam running the factory if it meant getting rid of Aiden, I cannot stand the character and would not miss him for a second if he left.

Anonymous said...

I agree with not caring for Aiden. As for being a sex symbol as I have seen noted in the past, please. They dress him in such tight clothes he looks like a middle aged chubby guy that shaves his head due to bald patches. OOOh that was kinda mean.

Maricha said...

I look at Aiden and nothing about him says exec much less fashion company exec. No wonder he had to go behind Johnny's back to make this purchase.

Maybe Adam would have the good sense to finally get this company making all sorts of clothes. The lingerie angle has been played out and this could lead to having people like Sinead design original fashions. That would be more believable than them winning orders in a field that competes with low priced foreign goods. Rosie could model too.

Cobblestone said...

Odd thing is, if you look closely, he's not balding (to any great degree). So - why? ;)

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