Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Sally Webster makes bid to be Weatherfield Mayor

There's some good news with comedy potential being reported by Metro online this week.  They say that Sally Metcalfe is going to make a bid to become Mayor of Weatherfield.

However, she's going to have to fight for the role as Metro says "another surprising candidate steps forward."  I wonder who this might be - Gina, perhaps or Tim? Or could it be her rival Yasmeen?

Alf Roberts was the last mayor of Weatherfield who was also a resident of Coronation Street.

Was Audrey ever the mayor, does anyone know? Or did she just stand against Spider Nugent for a seat on the council - which she won?

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Tvor said...

Doesn't she have to be back on council first?

Aussie Pete said...

I'm gonna guess Brian with his superiority complex from rubbish Tsar will think he's the man for the job. This could be a great comedy storyline!

Cobblestone said...

Surely you don't 'stand' for mayor; you're elected by your fellow councillors. (Not counting these directly elected mayors, of course, which she certainly won't be standing for - Andy Burnham just bagged that job!)

Scott Willison said...

Some towns and cities have elected mayors as well; the city of Liverpool has Mayor Joe Anderson, who won elections in 2012 and 2016, but it's also part of the Liverpool City Region, whose Mayor is Steve Rotherham following an election in 2017. So Weatherfield, as a borough within the Greater Manchester City Region, could totally have its own elected mayor in addition to having Andy Burnham.

More to the point, should someone who's only been a councillor for five minutes be getting the top job?

Humpty Dumpty said...

This is Corrieland so maybe Weatherfield actually does have elected mayors. The Mayor of Salford is directly elected. I'm not sure how someone standing as an Independent Mayor would be nominated in the first place. Possibly, they don't have to be a councillor. Minor detail. As for Brian, he's a council employee in the same borough as the election so I wonder if he'd be eligible. Yasmeen sounds like a possible candidate or even Roy. Yay, Roy for Mayor.

Ann Horrobin said...

well it will be fun instead of the stupid story lines we have been having in the soaps just recently

maggie muggins said...

It's a Corrie classic storyline. Look forward to it!

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