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5 Things We Want from Corrie's New 6th Episode

Guest blog post by Glenn Meads who is on Twitter and LinkedIn
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With an additional episode, soon to be unveiled, bringing the total to six – this means three hours of Corrie a week! The set has been expanded to accommodate more characters, and storylines, and means characters can step off the street and enter another Truman show world, around the corner. Not quite, but anyone who visited the old Coronation Street will tell you, they “needed a bigger boat”, and now they have one and they're gonna use it.

So, what would you like to see from the additional episode long term? Massive changes or small tweaks to the tried and tested formula? Here’s some of my must-haves:

More comedy

I love Jonathan Harvey’s writing. Whenever I hear a laugh-out-loud piece of dialogue, which refers to something in the 1980s or is a double entendre, I look at the writing credits, and there is the brilliant Beautiful Thing writer’s name. With grim but headline grabbing plots, such as kidnapping, Phelan seemingly getting away with murder and grooming, we need more laughs. Steve's cringe-worthy proposal was classic Corrie. And as soon as we glimpsed Oliver’s proposal outfit, I was in! Sight gags work just as well as funny dialogue. More, please!

Kitchen Sink Drama

Remember when Hilda Ogden finally went through Stan’s personal belongings, or when Hayley died in her own home? I want more of this personal, intimate drama, as this is how Corrie began. Some might say it’s not contemporary in a world of Netflix. But, when do you see a character glued to their phone for 30 mins, just because we are? (Gary’s badly choreographed fall, last night aside?) So, more drama in the home, or in the backroom of the pub, please?

Breathe life into neglected characters

The Nazir Family; please do something with them. Alya was introduced to us via Gary’s bed, remember? So, I’m not saying turn her into a minx, I’m merely pointing out, that we need to see them develop. I love the matriarch, Yasmeen - get her on an anti-austerity march with Roy, please! And, can we have Kate do something more than serve chunky chips and replace the empty Pinot for hen party tables, in the Bistro? She is turning into a really boring character, and she entered the street as a feisty one. so, let's give neglected folk the kiss of life, or in the case of Brian Packham, can we just get rid? 

Have more surprises

When Ken had a stroke, it shocked viewers and yesterday when Will was the one who almost sold Michelle at a car boot sale (I’m joking, as this current Bistro under Siege storyline is boring me, sorry!) – the twittersphere was alive, so more surprises will remind us of Who Shot JR and when soaps were the kings and queens of TV. I know there are spoilers all over twitter. But, when you are shocked by a plot development, it does remind you of reading a brilliant book on holiday, you keep coming back for more. 

Lastly, can we have some small story arcs, please?

The kidnappings, cars exploding, tram crashes and all this stuff, are good at getting new folk on board and suit the BGT timeslot, but now we are going six episodes a week, you cannot have this all the time. So, a story involving Audrey feeling out in the cold, because she is single and stood in front of the mirror, crying offer audience’s genuine drama that they can relate to. And it need not be dragged on and on to have a huge impact.

What would you like to see, following the arrival of the additional episode?

Guest blog post by Glenn Meads who is on Twitter and LinkedIn
You can read all of Glenn's guest blog posts here.
Fancy writing a guest blog post for us? All details here!  

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Cab24 said...

I agree. Brian can go & take Cathy with him. A bit less Michelle & more Tim. It would be nice to see Audrey away from the salon or Gail's house & getting involved with some other intetest. I would quite like to know more about Gemma's background too.

Maricha said...

I agree with a lot of what you said Glenn, it's an excellent post.
I do think that the long story arcs are what lead to so many characters being on the back burner for months and even years on end so I'd hope the show used the extra time and sets to give us a regular glimpse into the lives of those It was fun to see Craig and Bethany get a break from the grooming storyline to intersect with Mary and Norris' picture taking needs. In real life, people don't stop helping their child do their homework just because they're having a secret affair so it would also add depth to characters like Maria to be seen even when Aiden isn't around.
I remember the scene where David was making a lamb costume for Max more clearly than his fiery crash because it was sweet and interesting to see a new side to the character.
In short,I hope the show uses its extra time to return to its tradition of sometimes just letting us pass the time of day with characters as in your example with Audrey.

C in Canada said...

What you said about Ken's stroke being a shock was great, what I want to mention is that in this day and age of technology, when Ken went down the stairs, it was great NOT to know who did it until it was revealed on tv!
Less spoilers please!

Anonymous said...

I would love to see more storylines for the underused characters - Sean, Luke, Yasmeen, Zeedan, Alya, Kirk, Tyronne and Fizz. I'm sure I've forgotten some.

abbyk said...

The Ken's Fall story was great because it had multi dimensional characters relating to each other, it took place in a (semi) realistic time frame, and there were very few spoilers. As already pointed out, we need a mix of long and short arc stories to which I'll add character integrity. Sooooo, what I want is:
1. more realistic, multi dimensional characters. If a character remains totally flat and doesn't relate to anyone outside their immediate circle for too long (Aidan & Kate spring to mind), fix'em or dump'em. The faktry would be fine with Johnny alone, or Johnny & Adam (although he is now otherwise occupied), or Johnny & Carla (be still my heart). Mary and Tracy were on the flat track but have both been fleshed out, in large part to their odd friendship.
2. Very bad behavior needs to be corrected - Gemma's disgusting full mouth conversations would not be accepted in a toddler. Brian is a pompous, lazy cartoon character -- nope.
3. Jobs, including school, give purpose. Gail needs both. Why is Yasmeen, who I thought ran the community center, doing what could easily be Gail's job at Roy's? What on earth is Sophie doing -- she should be on some type of training program if not university. And Craig can't give up his art or his education - the painting policeman could be a fun story some day.
4. More friends, less bed hopping. Tim & Steve, Tim & Kevin, Mary & Tracy, Tracy & Todd, vs Sarah & Gary, Luke & Alya,... to which do you honestly pay more attention to when they're onscreen? Friendships last longer so they develop more nuance and become more fun to watch.

There. I'm not asking for too much, am I?

joanne taylor said...

Can someone either liven michelle up and make her nicer or write her out please? Its turning into the michelle show and its getting tedious.

Humpty Dumpty said...

I want fewer mega family sagas and more same-generation friendships. Crazy that Gail only goes drinking with her mother; Sally tolerates her workmates in the Rovers but doesn't have any friends these days. Life shouldn't be cosy for everyone. As Amy gets older, I'd like to see her terrified that she'll end up like her parents, living in a back street. Let's hear her dream of a life beyond it and maybe eventually getting it - or maybe not. Can we see what goes on inside the Community Centre? It's the ideal place for general chit-chat and comedy, and could feature in parallel storylines about non-residents of the Street.

Cobblestone said...

A very astute point about friendships being more memorable than relationships, Abby's. I'd wager more people remember Rita & Mavis than Rita & Len.

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