Monday, 7 August 2017

3 Explosive Coronation Street Headlines

Screengrabs from Tabloid Press Headlines about Coronation Street
Coronation Street often makes front page news. Sometimes this is a good thing, sometimes... not so much. Newspapers and their online news sites know that stories about the actors and characters of our favourite show bring in the readers and so a front page scoop on a cobbled together story can usually guarantee lots of publicity.

Whenever Corrie is going through a slow patch, there's the inevitable "Corrie Chaos on the Cobbles!" headlines from the tabloids. But when it's blazing through a good patch, we never hear them scream the same.  When there's a story about one of the cast members, good or bad, Corrie ends up on the front pages again.

But what three headlines would you imagine being the most explosive on the front pages of our papers? Just imagine you're walking to the newsagent, minding your own business, and the front page of The Mirror or The Guardian (*) catches your eye...

(*) insert your newspaper of choice here, as long as it's not The Sun. 

... and you recognise those two magic words - Coronation Street - screaming at you in bold print. You gasp in shock, or punch the air in delight, or fall down in a dead faint in the street.

What would be three Corrie news headlines hat would do that to YOU?

Here's my three - and I'd love to hear yours! And remember, it has to be FRONT PAGE NEWS! So, "Norris gets his bunions done" doesn't count this time.

1. Queen of Corrie to be Killed Off

2.  Corrie Norris Comes Out of the Closet

3.  Julie Walters joins Corrie - She'll play Audrey's sister

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Maricha said...

1)Gemma to get My Fair Lady makeover!
2)Shocker!Johnny elopes with Liz!
3)Exclusive! Julie Hesmondhalgh returns to Corrie as Hayley's long lost sister!

Aussie Pete said...

1. After 65 years, Corrie legend William Roache to retire!

2. Corrie Joy! Leanne pregnant with Steve's twins!

3. Coronation Street to re-open the tours... On the Salford Quays Street Set!

Abercrombie said...

Chesney and Gail have a steamy affair!
Robert goes grey overnight and Audrey develops the hots for him!
Kevin Webster develops an allergic reaction to women and is put in a home where nobody visits him and he is happy....hurrah!!

I must have a fourth I've just thought up...

Michelle loses the use of her arms and they hang down by her side and then she is struck dumb by the shock of it! :) :) :)

Aussie Pete said...

Chesney and Gail affair? 😂😂
Robert's hair colour does change a fair bit funnily enough! Lol

Anonymous said...

Corrie shocker: Someone finds a job which requires them to commute by bus.
Explosive Corrie twist, wedding goes as planned.
Corrie in never been seen on a soap before plot: Couple remains faithful.

Anonymous said...

Corrie 'actors' to have acting lessons shocker!

Emma said...

Peter Barlow gets outed as a "Brony" (Google it) when Ken Barlow catches him "clopping" (Google it).

Linda Shockley said...

Julie Walters looks like she could be Audrey's sister.

Anonymous said...

Kym Marsh finally understands that arm folding is not acting shocker! ;)

Jake Neilson said...

What next for Corrie Ken, as he is axed from the show!

Corries Tracey goes through the bridge at side of rovers.......and there's another street they never knew existed!

Curly to return to corrie as bus conductor on the weatherfield wayfarer

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