Sunday, 16 July 2017

Watch: Coronation Street release another bloopers video

I love all this stuff.

ITV Coronation Street have released another bloopers video showing the cast being filmed and then getting things wrong. It's really funny and such a fantastic insight into the workings behind the scenes at filming of our favourite show.

The clips are all fairly recent and include David Neilson, Helen Worth, Malcolm Hebden, Bev Callard, Simon Gregson and loads more of the Corrie cast.

It's definitely worth watching.  With apologies to overseas fans who may be unable to watch the video (which I think has to do with ITV licensing to different countries, but I may be wrong).

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Aussie Pete said...

Couldn't watch the first, and sadly can't watch this one either. 😢

njblas said...

Pete - The first one is on YouTube:

Flo said...

I was able to watch this one via the blogs Twitter feed! YAY! Loved Roy and Cathy's scene, he didn't miss a beat... "I can't remember the line".

Anonymous said...

Was Michael Le vell being nasty to that extra on the last scene? Didn't, sound very nice.

boris the spider said...

Looked that way to me too, Anon.

Cobblestone said...

He wasn't remotely being 'nasty'. He may have sounded a little impatient, but it was grossly unprofessional to walk through a take. An actor has to focus to maintain character and it's irritating if something like that happens. Don't forget that the shooting schedule is now intense, and days can be very long. Everyone on set must be switched on and focused. And I actually think, given the length of time the camera lingered on the offending guy, that he was crew not an extra, so should have know better.

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