Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Important news for Coronation Street fans in Oz

There's news in today for Australian Coronation Street fans.

BBC Australia have announced a huge soaps catch-up.  Fans of both Corrie and EastEnders can catch double episodes of both soaps from Monday July 17.

For Coronation Street fans these are the important dates and schedule changes:

From Monday August 7 until Friday September 8
Monday to Friday during those dates
Every evening, double episodes at 6.50pm and 7.20pm
Every morning, double episodes at 8.40am and 9.10am

So every evening, stay in and catch this:

6.20pm: Emmerdale
6.50pm: Coronation Street
7.20pm: Coronation Street
7.50pm: EastEnders, Monday to Thursday, and QI on Friday

And every morning, wake up to this:

8.10am: Hollyoaks
8.40am: Coronation Street
9.10am: Coronation Street
9.40am: EastEnders

So there you have it! From September 11 we’ll be fully up to speed with EastEnders AND Corrie. You’ll get 4 all new episodes of EastEnders and 6 of Coronation Street each week. So your nights will go a little something like this:

Monday to Thursday:
6.50pm: Emmerdale
7.20pm: Coronation Street
7.50pm: EastEnders

6.50pm Emmerdale
7.20pm: Coronation Street
7.50pm: Coronation Street

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Vicky R said...

Now I need to find the time to watch all the extra episodes. I have only just caught up on what I have recorded already LOL. Which is where Daniel and Ken have gone to paint the flat.

Anonymous said...

Can we just confirm that you mean the UKTV channel on Foxtel? I'm not sure I understand what BBC Australia is?

njblas said...

Yes, it's UKTV. They use both names.