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Coronation Street Episode Review Monday 10th July

How will Debbie Rush leave the street? I can't see Tiger Mum Anna abandoning our Gary and our Fay(e). The only thing I can think of, if the writers do it properly, is for her to get hauled off to chokey, but for what crime? Any rate, it's quite sad that the once and future most feared family in Weatherfield is (almost) no more.

I think we all know how Erica is going to leave - hounded off the cobbles for first degree strumpethood. To be honest, this storyline is more Kim Tate than Erica *googles surname* Holroyd. Time was, Erica was taking Anna out speed dating, now she's making sarky remarks about sticking sequins on her tabard and inviting her man out of a bit of afternoon delight? I realise life with Dev and Double A must be dreary at best, but it seems out of character.

Still, it takes two to tango and Kev's endless moans about a woman who almost died after being set alight "rejecting" him are a little bit pathetic. Kevin's one of those men who thinks they are a nice guy, but as soon as they don't get a) their own way b) a bit of ows yer farver, they run off with the nearest Erica. Kev bemoans his fate to Rosie, unfortunately overheard by Anna, who's arrived with butties. Erica arrives with something better, the name of a hotel she's booked for the two of them. Erica turns down Dev's offer of afternoon tea and an art gallery to spend time with Kevin whilst Anna has gone shopping to buy a dress to tempt Kevin back. She calls him, telling him they need to talk, so Kevin returns to the homestead and Erica is left high and dry at the hotel bar. Before Anna and Kev can get down to smoochies however, he tells her that he almost slept with Erica (without mentioning her name), but that he wants to move on. But can Anna?

Worried about Bethany, Sarah goes to the police for help. Unfortunately the police officer she turns to is Evil Neil and brings him back to the house to talk to her daughter. He tells Bethany that she should say she made the whole thing up. He looms over her and she cowers as he instructs her to keep her mouth shut else she'll regret it. Craig spots Bethany looking terrified and goes to visit her, but she won't say anything more to him. However, the seeds of suspicion about his sarge have been sown in Craig's mind.

Liz has binned some sequinned hotpants and and is ready to leave the Rovers and move into a flat with her son. Steve thinks Liz is going to be at a loose end, so signs her up to courses at the community centre, but she's already got a job - at the medical centre, Deirdre's old job.

Jenny and Johnny are back together and everyone knows apart from Aidan who is also in the dark about a) Matthew Singh taking his business elsewhere and b) his dad has MS. He finds out about the former from Mr Singh himself and the latter from Jenny. He in turn tells Eva, who comforts him, and listens guiltily as Johnny and Aidan have a heart to heart, particularly when Johnny tells his son that he'll make a great dad.

And finally, Sean discovers a letter addressed to Mr and Mrs N Cole - in Nozza's handwriting. Like Einstein, Mary is passionately curious (about it). Mary, it's illegal to open other people's mail! She discovers a photo of herself and Norris and a letter stating that he has entered a Mr and Mrs competition. In the pub, Mary chews him out and then storms off to her sausage casserole. But Norris reveals that the prize is a round the world trip, and that he entered the comp so that Mary could go visit Jude and Mary's grandson. Aw.

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Zagg said...

I've been wondering what kind of exit they are going to give Anna. They can't have her abandon Faye or Gary, even though he's an adult. Maybe they will kill her off? Will she kill someone and go to prison? It's going to have to be something major or it won't make sense for her character. It would have been great to see her be the one who does in Phelen. But we know that isn't going to happen as he goes through his personality change into instant family man.

Humpty Dumpty said...

I was confused by Anna's sudden change of heart by the end of the episode. First, she wants to move on but changes her mind when Kevin confesses to a kiss. What is it about Corrie folk that they get so upset when their partner kisses someone else? I could see that Anna might mow Erica down in a fit of rage and then dies in the burning wreck. That gets rid of two characters in one car crash.

Tvor said...

That kiss was yet another blow to Anna's fragile self esteem just when she was trying to work up her confidence again. But I agree, everyone acts like a kiss is the same thing as an affair, though Kevin did come within an inch of that and admitted he nearly slept with someone.

Anonymous said...

Jeanie (anon):

A real battle of the boobs last night...randy clod Kevin vs. cheap but cheerful Dev. Then Erica spilling out of that blue lace concoction (my gosh, she's on a date with Kevin Webster, not trying to set up as an high end escort) and Anna flaunting what I guess she thinks are her best assets in that red and black number.

Erica's exit is shaping up to be the most ignominious in recent history--First, she's transformed from an independent, self-respecting, sisterhood-supporting free spirit into a deranged tart flinging herself at Kevin in the hopes of some "fun." Then even more humiliating...he stands her up, leaving her, in all her tarty blue lace and pushup bra splendor, to drink alone.

As for Anna--did anyone other than me think it really tasteless and out of place to depict this poor woman--who suffered a life-shattering trauma--dressing up in a low cut dress and elaborate make-up in order to explain to Kevin how traumatized, unattractive, and scared she still feels? Surely, this heart to heart is supposed to be about sharing how she feels about herself and her scarred body, NOT about having to advertize to Kevin that she's sexually available and still has great breasts (despite the small matter of the unfortunate scars all over lower body!)?

A misstep, I think anyways, on the part of the writers. The woman's physical and psychological trauma (severe burns on the lower part of her body) is as serious or more serious than Bethany's yet the writers are treating her recovery like a joke, as though putting on a low cut dress and making herself sexually available for her partner will solve her problems. A shame she didn't take the money David gave her and use it on therapy, rather than wasting it on Kev.

Anonymous said...

Geez, whatever happened leaving gracefully in the back of a black taxi?

Pat said...

No please not another Corrie resident sent to prison. The number of jailbirds on one street is getting ridiculous. Maybe the writers could try and be a bit more creative and give her a happy send off.

Flo said...

I agree with Pat. Perhaps some wonderful opportunity will come her way? Or perhaps Owen or Eddie will profess their undying love for her and send for her to join them? Enough death and prison!

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