Sunday, 9 July 2017

Corrie Weekly Awards for July 3 - 7

Wrong End of the Stick Award: Gemma and Norris think Liz and Johnny are having it on. Or off. But Jenny should have known better than to believe Gemma's story.

Flat? What Flat? If Sally's lending Gina money for her flat/electricity bill, why isn't she actually living in the flat? The bills might be on her old place but I thought Sally arranged for a new council flat for her?

Styling award: Rosie's bling headphones!

I want the Internet Aidan's got: One login for the whole internet for shopping. Unless he uses the same one for every single e-retailer on his list?

False Hope award: Maria spotted Leanne comforting Eva and assumed Aidan finished with Eva.

Musical ambiance: Mr. Blue Sky in the pub while Johnny and Jenny are celebrating being back together.

Clueless award: You'd think Aidan would have the grace to wait for Eva to be completely out of the way before giggling over Maria's sexy texts.

Lines of the week:
Robert "I own a restaurant, I smell nice and I have excellent taste in shoes"
Tracy to Adam "I'm sure you'll both be very happy. Two psychos in domestic bliss"
Adam "How many second chances have people given you over the years?" Tracy "Loads. Because people are stupid. And nice. And I'm neither"
Mary to Norris "Did you come for a posy or just to mock?" (Actually, Norris was very kind to her)
Mary "Police crime scene tape always reminds me of Mother. She used to put it across my bedroom door when I was a child. Just to torment me."
David to Aidan "Your mistress is about to tell your girlfriend you can't keep it in your pants"
Eva to Maria "I couldn't lie to your face, I'm not made that way" (Oh, that was a shot, and they both knew it)
Sean about Eva's new car "Barbie's been on the phone, she wants her car back"
Rosie "I don't know why they make jigsaws so complicated!"
Jenny to Johnny "You thought you were invincible and it turns out you're human just like the rest of us"

Tvor (Twitter @tvordlj)

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Cobblestone said...

But, Thor, you missed the punchline from Mary's quote about crime scene tape. For the record, the whole glorious utterance went: "Police crime scene tape always reminds me of Mother. She used to put it across my bedroom door when I was a child. Just to torment me. 'Teddy Edward is murdered'" and Norris' muttered response: "That explains so much ..."
Lovely, bonkers stuff!

Cobblestone said...

And, sorry, Tvor; Autocorrect promoted you to a Norse deity in my post above!

abbyk said...

Line that seemed funny at the time but really depended more on the acting than the words: to Sally Metcalf for bringing life to "Rosie, if you spoil a cake for me one more time, I swear I’m going to pour your wheat grass powder down the toilet."

A friend in deed: Mary Taylor for listening to Bethany like a best friend would and returning her left behind cel phone.

Fashion Police Alert: to Tracy Barlow for the heads up warning of imminent pint pulling in a minging cardi by Toyah.

Corriegated Cardboard said...

Rosie: "but Anna, the first time i saw Erica I thought she were a drag queen!"

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