Sunday, 16 July 2017

Corrie Weekly Awards for July 10 - 14

Fashionista Award: Craig really rocks his uniform and epaulettes. I'm giving Gemma runner up for that Kylie tshirt. Her heart was in the right place!

Intimidation award: Neil. It will be SO good to see him behind bars.

Best Friend award: Norris might be a lot of things but he's also a very good friend to those he cares about. He just doesn't care about most!

High Noon award: Anna dressed up as the Scarlet Woman, literally (red dress and lippy) and when she heard that Erica wasn't sorry in the least for persuing Kevin, put her on a warning.

Contrivation Street: Sarah wants to find some of Nathan's other victims. Oh look, Rana's working in a homeless shelter. Then Shona shows up and she's been helping, too, and has found Lara, that very young one Bethany met at a party.

TMI award: Poor Craig got a lot more information then he thought he'd get. But he did the right thing. He listened. He didn't judge.

Dirty Rotten Scumbag: Neil admitted to Craig he has daughters!!! After what he did with Nathan's victims!? Do you think that was just another lie to win over Craig?

Cone of Silence award: Gary and his mate wanted to go somewhere private to talk. A booth in the pub.

Volatile award: Even the cat is afraid of Eva's temper!

Lines of the week:
Liz to Erica "You can't give up on who you are for a relationship you're not even sure of"
Norris "Now there you've got the wrong end of the stick" Mary "Norris, I fear neither end of the stick would provide me with the truth"
Peter "I like a woman in glasses" Liz "You like a woman in anything" Peter "Fair point"
Moira "One word, Elizabeth. Floodgates"
Anna to Erica "Look at you with your fake tan and your bleached hair"
Neil to Craig "They'll make sure your career's over" (he's already said he's quitting. Do I smell panic?)
Beth to Kirk "There's no way you're paying 40 quid. That's two weeks' drinking money!" (priorities)

Tvor (Twitter @tvordlj)

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Louby said...

All good stuff. I agree, Rama and Yasmeen just happening to be going to a homeless shelter, extremely contrived. That whole section with Shona reappearing as well was a bit rubbish, a shame as Corrie has been very good lately.

Tilly Flop said...

I think I'm hating Neil more now than Nathan, and I didn't think that would be possible. I felt sick when he said he had daughters, and I hope he said that only to put Craig off the scent. He is getting more manipulative, vile and creepy by the day

Humpty Dumpty said...

Was it this week or last when Rosie was comforting Anna. She thought Erica was a drag queen when she first saw her. Coming from Rosie, quite a sweet thing to say. It's the height and the blonde hair, similarly with Claudia.

Jay said...

Anna's words about Erica were so true. Her fake tan makes her look grubby and her hair is absolutely awful. How could Kevin even fancy her when Anna is so beautiful. It doesn't come down to personality either, she can be rather nasty at times.

popcorn said...

Jay, you're missing the point. Erica is sexy. Anna is not. And Kevin is Kevin.

Jay said...

Popcorn - Erica is definitely not sexy, which is not the same as offering sex to your neighbour.

Where's Emily?? said...

Erica was a predator. She knew about the problems between Anna and Kevin and went for it. As well we know Kevin is a dog.

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