Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Coronation Street Spoiler: Erica tempts Kev to a saucy overnight stay

Next week on Coronation Street, we’ll see Erica try to get to grips with Kevin again.

Realising that she needs to take the bull by the horn, as it er, were, she calls at the garage and tells Kev that she’s booked a hotel room. She then suggests Kevin joins her for an afternoon of fun.

But as Erica sips champagne in the hotel bar eagerly awaiting Kevin’s arrival there’s a development back on the street.

Anna reaches a decision and tells Kevin how much she loves him. She assures him she wants to remain a family and start afresh.

Will Kevin turn down Erica’s offer of a bit of afternoon delight in the hotel? Will he start again with Anna?

Well, let’s just say that Erica’s got some thinking to do. Later in the week, she’s determined to put some distance between herself and Dev, and approaches Robert for a job in the bistro.

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Anonymous said...

Not sure why Kevin appears to be such a prize to the ladies on Coronation street.
Can't see what makes him so attractive to them...

Abercrombie said...

I agree with Anon above. This turn of events shows women in a poor light. Kevin is probably the least desirable male in Corrie. He is small, moody, randy and a selfish moaning victim when things go wrong. That an attractive, feisty woman like Erica would make a play for him, especially given he has a partner,shows a lack of respect for women in the writing. Why, when a woman feels neglected, does she have to find a man to 'make' her feel better? No matter who, any one will do, made all the more exciting if already in a relationship. Can she not be shown to spend time alone becoming more self aware, more self reliant? (Liz is a good example these days). I suppose that would be a dull storyline and we all want to be excited by explosive, 'never before done', bed hopping, secret keeping, revenge and blame scripts that keep us on the edge of our seats...Duh....

Corriegated Cardboard said...

couldn't agree more, Abercrombie. why do affairs have to be so commonplace on Corrie? I miss the day to day aspect of corrie now that we have all these explosive storylines to contend with the whole time. I long for scenes where residents simply have conversations about life, what their kids are up to, something funny that happened at the Red Rec the other day, why their bins haven't been collected on time... I enjoy watching relationships develop, even if it seems 'mundane'; i much prefer a cosy Corrie episode to an explosive one.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:45, I completely agree with you! I don't find Kevin one bit attractive, he is very moody, boring and has 3 kids (one we never see). Hardly a prize! Now Luke on the other hand is a completely different story - attractive, charming and sweet! Why is he still single?

Rapunzel said...

It is also another example of a character being debased before the actor leaves the show. I couldn't have imagined the Erica we've come to know pursuing a friend's man like that.

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