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Corrie weekly update - Marriage, muck and mayhem

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Sally presents Tim with an allotment and Tim, as you can imagine, not best pleased. It needs digging over and Tim’s not the digging type.  So when Freddie and Tyrone find some old ceramic pots in a skip Tim comes up with an idea. He tells the Weatherfield Amateur Archaeology society that he’s found fragments of ancient earthenware on his allotment and they all turn up for The Big Dig. Tim gets his allotment dug, and Sally’s proud of her husband, that is, until Roy breaks the news to Sally about who really did the digging.

Zeedan and Rana marry this week. Yasmeen sells her jewellery to pay for it all and once they’re wed, Rana buys it all back for her new mother-in-law.  They’ve only been married two minutes but Rana’s face falls when Zeedan mentions babies. She rushes to the health centre and stocks up on birth control pills.
The health centre features again this week when Mary finds a lump in her breast. She takes on a melancholy air, as you’d expect, terrified and faced with her mortality. Erica helps Mary and supports her, going to the GP appointment with her and fortunately for Mary she’s given the all-clear. But she still worries about the lump and so Dr Gaddas offers her the chance to have a scan at th’ospital. 

Speaking of Erica, the twins wind her up this week. She tells them to do their homework “and pass your exams or you’ll end up with a rubbish job,” to which Aadi replies: “Like you?”

As Maria languishes in prison, Aidan brings in a hot shot lawyer to get her out of jail. And then Caz gets arrested, Maria’s freed and all is well with the world. Okay, so it didn’t happen as quickly as that but the storyline that resulting in Maria’s freedom, Caz being taken away by the cops and Aidan and Maria almost sharing a snog is just too daft to recount and so I won’t.  Let’s just be grateful this nonsense is over and we can all move on. Nothing to see here, people.

And that’s just about that for this week. 

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