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Saturday 17 December 2016

Corrie weekly update - Wedding woes and a poison pen

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It’s Roy and Cathy’s wedding day and in the world of soap that can only mean that things will not run smooth. At the church, Cathy runs through her vows once last time with the help of her Dictaphone. That’s when she hears Roy’s words it’s recorded from the previous night and she knows that Roy doesn’t love her, that he’s only going through with the ceremony because he promised that he would.  Meanwhile, Roy’s in the flat and he takes off his wedding ring to Hayley and leaves it beside their ornaments from Amsterdam before he heads to the church. 

As vows are about to be exchanged at the altar, Cathy announces to everyone gathered that she knows Roy doesn’t love her. With just the two of them left in the church after everyone leaves, Cathy and Roy have a heart to heart which fair broke mine.  They decide to go their separate ways and Roy heads home to the flat where he puts his wedding ring to Hayley back on.  Oh, Roy.  And as if that wasn’t enough, when Roy hears from Alex that Cathy’s heartbroken over what Roy has done, he puts the café and flat up for sale, determined to move on and away.
Gail and Andy scatter Michael’s ashes this week then Andy gets revenge on Phelan for causing Michael’s death.  When Phelan’s locking up the builders yard, Andy knocks the fella out with a brick applied hard to the head. Phelan ends up in hospital blaming Kevin Webster for the attack, but when Andy goes to visit him, Phelan tells him he knows it was him. “Do what I say or I’ll call the cops,” Phelan tells Andy, wanting to frame Kevin for the attack. What a nasty piece of glorious work Phelan is to watch.

Over at Streetcars, Peter’s working on the switch while he waits for his cabbie license to come through.  Where’s Fat Brenda when you need her?  She’d certainly be able to help Tim sort out his Christmas present for Sally. He’s bought her a globe that doesn’t have Australia on it and Steve’s bought Michelle a 55” new TV screen. 

Anna struggles with letting Kevin near her as her burns are slow to heal.  But Kevin tells Anna he loves her and wants her and Faye to move into his house to live with him and Jack. Spurred on by this, Anna tries to go back to work in Roy’s Rolls for a little while and she’s doing fine – that is, until Phelan comes in.  “Can you smell summat burning in here?” he menaces at Anna across the counter.  His words and his sneer send Anna into a panic and she goes home a nervous wreck. Phelan also finds out that it was Anna who was sending the poison pen letters to him at No. 11 too. Eileen, of course, remains oblivious to any bad that Phelan can do.

There were some lovely comic scenes with Amy this week, once more channelling nana Blanche.  Tracy thinks she’s got a thing going with Luke, but he isn’t so sure that Tracy’s the right girl for him. “I want to see other people,” he tells Tracy who replies that she’s fine with that, when she’s clearly not.  When Amy finds Tracy snogging Luke in the kitchen, she asks Tracy if Luke is her new boyfriend and Tracy is forced to say yes. Next thing we know, Luke’s invited round for tea and being quizzed by young Amy on his suitability as boyfriend material for her mum.
Another great story this week has been Mary’s quest to find her son. She confides in Erica and Dev and with their help, and Norris, the foursome go hunting for a man called Jude who lives in Newton-le-Willows.  Mary thinks they’ve found him when they knock at the door of a young, good looking man. But alas it’s not to be as he’s a twin and so Mary’s hunt goes on.

And finally this week there’s a night out in town for Sinead and Chesney, David, Todd and Billy. David sits at the bar like Davey-no-mates and a girl sits next to him. He thinks she’s trying to chat him up but instead, she steals his wallet and does a runner too.

And that’s just about that for this week. 

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Anonymous said...

Obviously, Sally will find the telly in Tim''s shed and think it''s for her. Should be interesting...

Humpty Dumpty said...

I realise it's for dramatic effect but, honestly, these days would anyone searching for their long-lost son go door knocking? What's Facebook for or other sites on the internet?

Good twist that Phelan knew it was Andy who clobbered him. Perhaps he saw his reflection in a window but Andy's immediate surrender confirmed what might have been only a suspicion. Shame this couldn't have happened before we knew Oliver Farnsworth was leaving, with Andy becoming Phelan's unlikely run-around.

Anonymous said...

IMO they need to stop trying to give Roy a romantic interest.

Lily Bigfield said...

There's been another personality transplant, with the lovely gentle Andy committing violence, and worse still encouraging others to put Kevin in the frame. I realise this must be his exit storyline, but it is so out of character. Steph and Andy were great together, and I was hoping for more about his creative writing storyline. And yes, I admit it - he's the best looking bloke on Corrie. I will miss him.

Anonymous said...

Why is Oliver Farnworth leaving Coronation Street? Yes, I know he is appearing in another play, but surely that is only temporary, isn't it? And I know about the fight, but that was at his leaving party - which suggests that it is not the reason for his leaving. Can anyone help me out here?

Anonymous said...

I exрected рhelan to get uр and do his best hitler imрressions and silly walks like Basil Fawlty after he got hit over the head in the eрisode 'the germans' :)

Ancient corrier said...

So it's Friday night, a week before Christmas and the bistro is so quiet that Robert can let Andy and Steph have time off to visit Phelan in hospital. Robert had already taken the afternoon off to go flat hunting.
We're there no office parties booked in?

Maricha said...

Lol, meanwhile Roy's Rolls is busy enough for Anna who is still healing from her burns to try to do a shift.

Gale said...

Phelan is boring. Why not give him a brain bleed and make him a vegetable that even Eileen can't deal with. Andy should go to the police and tell them that phelan wants to frame him if he doesn't help phelan frame Kevin. Phelan and Tracy need to be prosecuted because we are all fed up with the police going after innocent people, usually women, Deirdre and Maria being prime examples.

Cobblestone said...

Oliver Farnsworth was not involved in the fight - it was something between people who happened to be at the same venue as the leaving party. Just worth emphasising. Also, I'm not sure he IS doing a play; I think the initial 'newspaper' report completely confused things, citing the play he did earlier this year with Les Dennis. I too am very disappointed that one of the nicest characters is being distorted and written out, just when he was moving towards promising storylines. How many other characters are going to fail to bring down Phelan?

Anonymous said...

Sorry for not being clear, Cobblestone. I am aware that OF was not actually involved in the fighting. I find it strange that I can't find any info explaining why he is leaving the Street.

Cobblestone said...

It is odd, given Mr Curry Sauce's tendency to blab everything. Part of the new regime's commitment to more surprises, perhaps - though scuppered by a tabloid reporting the incidental fracas. I'm still hoping they completely confused the story and he's not going.

Anonymous said...

I really hope he's not going, but lately TPTB don't seem to listen to the viewers. If Andy leaves, then I'm sure Steph will probably be next on the list. Somehow they get rid of the older ones just to make room for the nasty new ones.

C in Canada said...

This is the first I've heard of Andy leaving!

They finally give him a juicy storyline and poof! Gone.

Like Dr. Carter, they seem to get rid of all the good looking ones and keep the likes of Phelan around. Ugh.


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