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Wednesday 21 December 2016

Coronation Street Weds 21st December episode review

Hiya! It’s just Jordan with this week’s Wednesday review – and yes, actually on a Wednesday for once!

It’s the morning after the very wild night before for Maria. When Kirk drops Liam off after babysitting for the night, it is clear to see what has been going on – especially when Adam emerges from the bathroom. Kirk can’t help but feel concerned for his sister; she appears to be distracting herself from all her worries. As we know, this could well be her last Christmas at home for a while since that little sham marriage problem of Maria’s is not yet solved. Kirk is not convinced that Adam Connor is the best way to keep her spirits up, but Beth  (who this week is dressed as Britney Spears on benefits) – couldn’t disagree more. One thing is for certain though – Maria is trying to make the best of her problem.  Despite suffering from one hell of a hangover, she takes Liam out to play football. Later on, when they are watching Up on the sofa, Maria falls asleep. Whenever a parent falls asleep and their child is left unattended, this can only mean one thing – contrived Soapland disaster.

Liam is hungry, so he decides to try and cook something. When the ring doesn’t light, Liam settles for a bag of crisps and leaves gas flooding into the flat. It takes a chance visit from Uncle Kirk to rescue the pair, who are both totally oblivious to the gas. Maria soon gives Sarah a run for her money in the tears department and when Kirk divulges the news of his triumphant rescue to the Rovers regulars, Aidan can’t help but maliciously blame Adam for getting her drunk in the first place.

With Eva having gone clubbing with Billy and Todd, Aidan is free to start a fight, After a few cross words, Aidan throws a punch at Adam before being thrown out by Liz. I am sure she has thrown out more people than she has served in that pub. Maria spots her opportunity and leads Aidan by the swollen hand to her flat for some frozen peas, obviously since Aidan doesn’t have anything in his own freezer. While at the flat, both just happen to confess their love for each other and dot dot dot. Well, I suppose it’ll be a while before Maria can arrange any conjugal visits. No wonder she’s cramming them in!
"Dry your eyes. Drink your tea. Do as your brother tells you"

Bethany and Faye are also feeling the slightly hungover pinch from the night before. Over breakfast in the café, Gary writes a list of cleaning punishments out for his sister, which she is happy to carry out on the promise that her mother is not informed of her vodka swigging. Bethany sits with Faye in the café and the pair realise their mistakes, but it is clear to see that Bethany still has feelings for her mother’s new boyfriend. Later on, out on the Street, Sarah gives Gary her usual stubborn treatment post-breakup. Oddly enough, it only takes a few words from the handsome redhead before the pair have kissed and made up. Sarah hadn’t even had a chance to put her shopping bags down! Unbeknownst to them, jealous Bethany watches from the window. She swishes the curtain shut with rage and is later seen sobbing on Maxine’s bench, a master of subtlety. When Luke spots her on his way to visit friend-with-benefits Tracy, he tries to comfort her but she simply tells him it’s just about “some lad”. When the Weatherfield Wayfarer pulls up, she storms up to it and is unseen for the rest of the night, much to Sarah’s concern.

Elsewhere, the iPad burglary at the Bistro has been discovered. Steph is positive she locked up, but naturally, it is not long until doubt kicks in. Robert, being his usual hot-headed self, suspends Steph pending investigation. Of course, we know that Andy is the one responsible, stealing a load of iPads (sorry - tablets!) from his own workplace for resale. However, we also know that this is not the real Andy. He is under the curse of the Evil Abanazar; I mean, Pat Phelan. The blackmail continued in Pat’s room at the hospital, in which instructions for selling the stolen goods were provided. Honestly, if Connor McIntyre is not appearing as a pantomime baddie somewhere in the country this time next year, I will be very surprised!
"Did Michael teach you the tricks of the trade before he pegged it? Right, ring this number.
He'll buy them.  Bring the cash to me"

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Merry Christmas!



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Humpty Dumpty said...

the Phelan storyline is getting very silly. Of course, Andy only has to call his bluff so this more or less proves that the actor is leaving even if it hasn't been officially confirmed. I don't know if Samia Ghadie is having another leave of absence; she's only just come back. Anyone know for sure?

Anonymous said...

Nitpick: when Maria & Liam first snuggled on the sofa, the duvet was plain side up, when Liam went to light the gas stove the printed side was up. That duvet is amazing, it turns itself right side up all by itself.
Re: Maria - the rumour mill has it that she will be jailed for a year, not sure if she is taking time off, but there has also been rumours that she will be filmed in prison along with her nemesis Caz. I'm really hoping that those rumours are really false, however given the state of the street lately, it really wouldn't surprise me.

Cobblestone said...

I don't see the duvet as a continuity issue. Some time had passed, so it's perfectly reasonable that Maria or Liam had got up for something in the meantime, requiring the duvet to be resettled.

Flo said...

I used to really like Maria, but I've grown tired of her constant stream of men and lack of a good storyline for her character. I'm also tired of Phelan. He's starting to get on my nerves like Callum did. He'd be a better panto villain. I'm still mad about the fact that Andy and Steph are going to be gone. Growing tired of the revolving door syndrome.

Shells said...

2 men in 2 nights? I sense a Maria "who's the daddy?" storyline...

Shells said...

I've grown fond of Bethenny. Young girl at a confusing age, coping with a mixed-up young mother with a string of boyfriends, a widowed grandmother and a messy extended family. I like that they've added a budding friendship with Faye.

I hope we see Bethenny and Craig together one day, but I'll possibly accept Bethenny and Ken's youngest son Daniel some day. :-)

Shells said...

Hope Maria at least changed the sheets! But given her hungover state, I doubt it!

I really haven't seen any evidence as to Aidan being in love with Maria.
It seems very out of the blue and contrived. And Maria sure can't resist those Connors! Once you go Connor, you never go Barlow! lol

Anonymous said...

Maria has gone рlatt in the рast too, and dobbs :)

Louby said...

Don't forget Charlie Stubbs! And there was a footballer for a short while. He also had a girlfriend.

Louby said...

Btw, "Britney Spears on benefits", brilliant!!


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