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Friday 30 December 2016

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Fri 30 Dec

Friday 30th December
ANNA HAS A NEW YEAR FROM HELL When Seb calls at No.13 and invites Faye to his family’s New Year’s Eve party, Anna reluctantly lets her go. Without Faye and Gary, and Kevin out
on a breakdown,  Anna is alone with Jack when she tumbles down the stairs in the dark and lies unconscious in the  hallway. Unable to wake her, frightened Jack lets himself out. In the Rovers, the regulars count down to midnight as Jack stands alone on the street, clearly scared. Will anyone come to Anna’s rescue?
IT’S DECISION TIME FOR MARY When Jude calls in the Kabin, Norris quizzes him closely and makes it  clear he’s to look after Mary properly in South Africa as she’s a dear friend. As Mary, Dev and the  twins share an emotional farewell, Mary secretly starts to wonder if she’s doing the right thing.  Mary’s friends gather in the Rovers to wish her well. But is Mary getting cold feet about the whole thing?
IS PETER BUSTED? Clearly hurt, Simon tells Peter he saw him kissing his new girlfriend and realises  she’s the reason for his return, not him. Peter’s shocked.
ELSEWHERE Andy’s scared witless as he questions his future on the street. Desperate to get away, Andy phones a mate in Newcastle and asks him if he can crash on his floor. Whilst Steph, Tracy and Luke celebrate New Year in the bistro, Andy slips out. Will he make his getaway?
When Jenny moans to Johnny about how difficult she’s finding it living with Gemma, Johnny
suggests she moves in with  him. Will Jenny agree?

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Anonymous said...

Maybe it's just me, but when Jude told Mary he was her son, the show didn't pay much attention to actual proof. He could've just seen Gemma's video online and "claimed" to be her son. Although he seems certain enough to want to whisk her away to South Africa. I would think before moving, they would at least do a DNA test to make sure.

Anonymous said...

well, that would make sense to most people, but the is Corrie, and making sure isn't one of their strong suits. After all "sure or logical" is the detriment to most plotlines.

Anonymous said...

Of course Jenny will be willing to move in with Johnny. (I'm a few weeks behind in Canada episodes)

Anonymous said...

Bloody music crashing over the end again. How much more misery for Anna? Not one smile tonight, depressing rubbish. I'm not seeing a good time ahead either with drugs, sex rings, Phelan and Shona.

abbyk said...

Wow, as if there weren't enough things wrong with 2016, did they have to end it with nails across the blackboard? The holiday music worked in the Christmas episode because it's so ubiquitous in real life. Here, Auld Lang Syne would have blended in and kinda made sense. This whatever song du jour just made me want to lose my dinner. Make it stop!

Simon was the winner tonight. Clearly he's the man in his relationship with Peter.

Anonymous said...

Please can they get Phelan and Eileen married off and (hopefully) move them to Thailand or wherever Jason is, permanently? Had enough of both of them. And not liking sleazy, lying Peter.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Anon top of the shop, Mary's boy child could be a total scammer, what proof was there to back up who he said he was?


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