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Sunday 11 December 2016

Corrie weekly update - Tracy's tapes, sisters and Bros

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Tracy’s tapes turned up!  Remember all those years when Tracy Barlow was sent upstairs to listen to her tapes? Well, this week we saw said box of tapes on the Barlow kitchen table. Peter was sorting through Tracy’s old tapes and when he found a Bros tape, his eyes light up.  This wasn’t because Peter’s a fan of Luke and Matt, no. This was because Peter’s got plans for that Bros tape, plans that involve Leanne, perhaps?

Well, that’s what Nick thinks when he finds out that Leanne and Peter have gone Chrimbo shopping together.  Nick storms round to the Barlow house to warn Peter off seeing Leanne. While Nick’s there he has a dig at Peter, telling him that No. 1 Coronation Street is a great bachelor pad and what’s Peter doing, at his age, still living with his dad?  Peter does his best not to squirm but Nick’s words cut deep and we next see Peter in Anna’s flat telling her he wants her to move out ‘cos he wants his flat back.  As for that Bros tape? We’ll find out soon enough.
At Preston’s Petals, Mary breaks down and confides in Norris that she was raped when she was just 14 – and she has a son.  Norris encourages Mary to find her son but Mary’s not so sure.   This was a truly wonderful scene between Mary and Norris, really lovely.
The Loch Nessa monster returned this week for her sister Cathy’s wedding to Roy. Unfortunately for Roy, the stress of the wedding brings him out in a rash and he starts sleepwalking too – into Nessa’s bedroom.  He’s really unhappy with all the talk of wedding and so when Cathy tells Roy that she’s not sure if they should wed because she blames herself for her late husband Alan canoodling with Nessa, a relieved Roy is happy to cancel all their arrangements.  Immediately, Roy’s rash clears up. When Cathy realises what’s going on, she’s annoyed at Roy for not talking her out of cancelling their wedding. Roy then decides to honour the promise he’s made to Cathy and the wedding’s back on – and so is Roy’s rash. Worse is to come when Roy suffers a panic attack in the Bistro too.

Cathy practises her wedding vows with the help of a Dictaphone which she leaves on Roy’s kitchen table when she goes to spend the night at Yasmeen’s.  As the Dictaphone carries on recording, Brian and Tyrone come into Roy’s flat to try to talk him out of the wedding and make him see sense, it’s clearly not something he really wants to go through with.  And Roy’s words about how he feels obliged to honour his promise to Cathy are captured on the Dictaphone. Oh dear.
More shenanigans this week between Aidan and Maria with Eva unaware of what’s going on.  Eva’s in full-on Christmas mode, ordering Eva and Aidan Christmas cards to send to all their friend. Aidan’s heart might be with Maria but when Eva turns up in sexy lingerie for Aidan, the rest of him is somewhere else entirely.

Speaking of Maria, she’s had her head turned by Adam Barlow – but it’s just to make Aidan jealous.
Over at the Barlows’ there was a lovely scene between Peter and Daniel as Daniel reveals that his mum Denise left him six years ago; she just upped and walked out. Peter takes Daniel to the cops and they report Denise missing. Better late than never, I suppose.

Billy tells the Bishop he’s decided to leave the church and stop being a vicar. The Bishop begs him to reconsider but Billy’s mind is made up. He wants to love and be loved for who he is, not for what the church thinks he should be.  Getting bladdered in the Rovers on cheap shots, Billy takes a phone call and he’s offered a new job as a receptionist in a drugs clinic in town.

And finally this week, Eileen gets a poison-pen letter pushed through the door at No. 11 and Tyrone doesn’t know what a cooking apple is.

And that’s just about that for this week. 

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Daft Apeth said...

I missed Peter finding the tapes but I did cop Leanne singing When Will I be Famous as she waddled down the street. I thought it was a direct product placement because Bros are back.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, there was a lengthy scene between Tracy and Peter discussing the tapes. Bros back? Really? I hadn't noticed

Anonymous said...

I didn't realize that Billy had left the church for the last couple of months - or was that just put in after the fact to explain why we haven't seen him in ages???

Anonymous said...

I thought Nick struck a new low with his nasty remarks about Peter living with his father who's recovering from a stroke when he himself returned home to mummy after Leanne [whom he was married to at the time]found out about his one night stand with Kylie and blackmailing David into doing a DNA test on Lily to see if he's the father!

Rapunzel said...

Bros must have been a U.K-only sensation as I don't remember them here in NZ. In fact I thought Peter and Leanne were talking about some band called "Broth"!

Flo said...

I don't know about anyone else, but I thought this week's episodes were some of the best we've seen in ages. A throwback to Corrie of the past. I hope it stays this way, just shows we don't need fires, crashes and dead bodies all the time to be entertaining.

Rapunzel, Bros didn't make it to the US either. I only know about it because of some friends from the UK who were all excited about them making a comeback.


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