Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Cocaine on the cobbles for Rosie's return to Coronation Street

We know already that Helen Flanagan will be returning to Coronation Street at Rosie Webster (or Dozy Wobster as we call her in our house). 

And today The Sun reveal that Rosie's return storyline will see her involved in drugs.  

The tabloid says that Rosie and Sophie return from Miami together.  When they land back in Weatherfield the sisters face the cops who search the Webster house for drugs that they think Rosie has brought back from America with her.

No drugs are found, but when Sophie asks her sister to open her bag full of sweets she discovers cocaine.

The sisters then decide to bury it, but Ken Barlow’s grandson Adam finds out and offers to sell it for the girls.

They later confide in Kevin, who confronts Adam.

Mr Curry Sauce tells The Sun: “Rosie tells Sophie someone planted the drugs on her, and is as shocked as her sister when she sees the white powder. The girls panic and decide to bury the drugs but Adam Barlow finds out what they have done and offers to sell the drugs for a fee. But, Kevin’s business is struggling following an arson attack and he needs money. So he takes matters into his own hands.”

Hmmm... arson attack?

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Anonymous said...

I thought she was called Dozy –†lebster ;)

Louby said...

Just your average "grown up child pays parents a visit" type scenario. No sensationalist storylines to see here.

Joseph Billington said...

I think that Phelan will be responsible for the arson attack. More flames on the cobbles! Give us something more original writers!

Anonymous said...

More awful storylines and worse characters to look forward to :-(

coconno196 said...

If Rosie really is innocent, surely she would go to the police if she knows who planted the cocaine, or just flush it? Burying it is pretty stupid, as anyone could find it.

Maricha said...

Obviously Rosie was planning on selling the drugs unbeknownst to Sophie. Who buries drugs? Someone who is going to dig them up later on.

John said...

She just been come from Miami, so makes sense I suppose.

Aussie Pete said...

I think Phelan will be involved too

Anonymous said...

First it was drug dealer Callum,then Kylie gets hooked on drugs and now another dug storyline with Rosie?!
Corrie should be renamed 'Crime Street'as every storyline seems to be centered around crime!

Anonymous said...

This all sounds ridiculous and tedious. Is Blackburn back in charge...
Storylines to turn off for.

Anonymous said...

This is the increasingly irritating direction of the show though - bonkers, far-fetched and beyond how people would really behave.

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