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Friday 9 December 2016

Preview of tonight's double Coronation Street - Fri 9 Dec

Friday 9th December 2016
ROY’S RATTLED BY HIS LACK OF DISTRACTIONS Cathy wakes to find Roy cancelling the church. Disappointed, she hints at a change of heart but Roy doesn’t take the bait. Cathy’s aghast to realise that Roy’s rash has vanished and assumes he’s relieved. Roy cancels the flowers and the reception, and calls on Ken and Anna to explain that the wedding is off. Anna’s secretly relieved she won’t have to leave the flat. Alex is annoyed at Nessa for causing chaos. Unrepentant Nessa blames Roy for going back on his promise to Cathy. Roy listens, his conscience pricked. Sensing Cathy’s regret, Roy points out it was she who called off the wedding. Exasperated Cathy explains she was merely seeking comfort from him. The misunderstanding aired, will Roy decide the wedding must go ahead after all?
NICK WARNS PETER TO KEEP HIS DISTANCE Seeing Nick’s paranoia, Robert urges him to confront Peter to warn him off Leanne. Leanne and Peter arrange to throw an early Christmas Day celebration so that Peter can see Simon open his presents. Nick visits No.1 and tells Peter to stay away from Leanne.
PHELAN ROLLS HIS SLEEVES UP Eileen’s upset by the letters flooding in from angry customers, out of pocket due to the development scam. Meanwhile Andy’s enraged as he watches Phelan cheerily going about his business.

Friday 9th December 2016
ROY IS HIT WITH SOME UNWELCOME HOME TRUTHS Steph takes charge and leads Roy out of the Bistro where she manages to calm him down. Tyrone’s alarmed to see Roy in such distress and confiding in Brian about Roy’s panic attack they agree to take action. Meanwhile, in the caf√©, Cathy practises her wedding vows using a dictaphone. When Nessa returns, Cathy agrees to let bygones be bygones, not wanting any further trouble ahead of her big day. Brian and Tyrone corner Roy and demand to know if he had a panic attack because he’s feeling trapped by the wedding. Brian and Tyrone follow Roy up to his flat where, faced with their badgering, he finally admits he doesn’t want to get married but won’t break his promise to Cathy. In despair, Brian and Tyrone hit Roy with some home truths but is it too little too late?
PETER MAKES PLANS TO PROVE NICK WRONG Nick accuses Peter of sniffing around Leanne. Peter’s bemused but when Nick calls him a jobless alcoholic and mocks him for dossing at his dad’s, Peter’s stung. His mind whirling, Peter puts together a plan to prove Nick wrong but he knows it will ruffle a few feathers.
EILEEN’S STUNG BY A POISON PEN Eileen assures a frosty Rita that Phelan’s working really hard to pay back everyone’s money. Meanwhile, another letter arrives at No.11 - what will Eileen do?
ELSEWHERE Todd has no luck finding a job but Billy suggests they go out on the lash while they still can. As they get merry at the Rovers, Billy’s delighted by a call offering him a job interview.

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Anonymous said...

How ridiculous is Eileen? She's known Phelan all of 10 minutes but is willing to back him in the face of obvious fraud (regardless of his level of complicity)? When did Den Mother turn into Complete Moron?

I cannot fathom why anyone in the year 2016 would interpret an engagement as the type of promise worth trapping yourself in a loveless marriage for. Isn't the engagement period when you are supposed to decide if you really want to spend the rest of your life with this person? People change, better to go your separate ways before it becomes legally binding! And who is Nessa to Roy that he feels she can shame him into keeping this "promise"?? Another person whose been in his life all of the blink of an eye.

Maricha said...

Nessa is one to talk about keeping promises.

Kate said...

Poor Roy. I find this storyline a bit difficult to watch. They should have never rushed to get married. Cathy has become blind to everything except the wedding

Anonymous said...

Every episode I see with Cathy makes me dislike her more and more.

Todd & Billy - yes, that's the answer to everything, go out on the lash! Doh!

Anonymous said...

And why not? They've not had a lot of opportunity previously because of Billy's vocation. Let them enjoy themselves for a change

Anonymous said...

I hope Roy and Cathy do not get married. It's not necessary and I, for one find Cathy's character grating and condescending. Just IMO.

Humpty Dumpty said...

In all of this business about the wedding, what's happening to Cathy's house? Perhaps I've missed it, but it seems to have been conveniently forgotten.

Anonymous said...

I'm not totally annoyed with Cathy at the moment although her previous obsession of a fairy tale princess wedding using Roy's hard-earned, hard-saved money is unbelievably silly story-wise -- her character we were led to believe isn't supposed to be like that, and it was borne out by the contrasting personalities coming out when sister from the Black Lagoon Nessa popped up unexpectedly. Maybe they should or shouldn't get married, I find it hard to care as I'm not invested in this plotline due to poor writing.

I would definitely like to see more of the Steph character developed -- the actress has got potential but she's not had much of a main storyline. Pity. All the storylines going to the younger cast are concentrated in that awful Plat/Tilsely family.

Anonymous said...

Lynne from Ottawa -- I hate seeing Roy being badgered by Cathy; he's definitely suffering and she can't see it because she's planning the fairy tale wedding -- at her age. I hope that Roy doesn't tie the knot; they don't even have anything in common. The relationship started with Roy trying to be kind... and look where that landed him.


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