Monday, 19 December 2016

Peter Barlow as you've never seen him before

From @JamesMoir10 on twitter

Comedian Vic Reeves of Reeves & Mortimer is an artist and a Coronation Street fan.  This week he tweeted a picture of a t-shirt he'd drawn with Peter Barlow's face on it. In return, Chris Gascoyne had a photograph taken of himself wearing a Vic Reeves t-shirt too.  Vic's real name is Jim Moir and he tweets @JamesMoir10.

Vic also tweeted a picture of a Roy Cropper t-shirt.  Lovely stuff.

From @JamesMoir10 on twitter
Vic's made no secret of the fact he's a huge Corrie fan and once told the Manchester Evening News that he wants a role on the show - as Norris' son. Find out more about that here.

Vic Reeves artwork is for sale here.

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Sarah Heaton said...

I want those shirts!

Anonymous said...

The t-shirts don't look anything like the actors they are supposed to portray. But if he gets a kick out of it - all the better.

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