Saturday, 24 December 2016

Preview of Christmas Eve on Coronation Street

Saturday 24th December 2016
MARIA FACES HER WORST FEARS Aidan admits to Johnny he’s in love with Maria. Johnny warns him that Maria’s a nightmare compared to Eva who worships the ground he walks on. Maria returns home to find Eva has worked her socks off preparing dinner for everybody. Masking her guilt, Maria thanks her. A tearful Maria explains to Liam that she might be going away for a while but she loves him very much. When Eva confides in Aidan how worried she is about Maria, will Aidan be able to bring himself to tell her his guilty secret and break her heart. Meanwhile Maria heads to court...will she be spending Christmas behind bars?
NICK AND PETER WANT THE SAME THING As the Barlows settle down to a board game, a sheepish Nick returns and apologises to Peter for his earlier behaviour. Leanne’s pleased but as she and Peter reminisce about their shared love of Bros, Nick feels left out. Whilst nobody’s around, Nick pulls out the present which Peter stuffed in a drawer. He’s gutted to see it’s a Bros tape labelled “to the love of my life”. Is Peter planning to make a move on Leanne?
BETHANY HITS ROCK BOTTOM As Luke and Gary square up to each other, they spot Bethany heading for No.8. When a baffled Bethany assures Gary she’s been with a mate and not Luke, Gary apologises to Luke for the misunderstanding. Sarah tears a strip of Bethany for causing so much worry and demands to know who the older man is. Wishing the ground would swallow her up, will Bethany reveal that the older man is Gary? Alone and deeply troubled, Bethany swallows more diet pills.
ELSEWHERE As Billy writes Christmas cards to his old parishioners, Todd wonders if he regrets his decision to leave the church. Having bought a replacement TV, Tim and Craig carry it inside. Assuming it to be her Christmas present, Sally’s thrilled, but how will Steve react when Tim is forced to come clean? Andy stares at the stolen painkillers, disgusted with what he’s become.

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JoeDuttineFan said...

Looking forward to the Corrie episodes over Christmas, and wishing all the bloggers and commenters A Very Happy Christmas from Ireland! Fabulous, fun blog that makes watching Corrie even more enjoyable, thank you :)

Elsie Tanner said...

Merry Christmas to you an'all chuck!

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