Sunday, 18 December 2016

First-look pics: Nick and Peter's Christmas fight

Here are some ITV preview pictures from the episode of Coronation Street to be shown on Christmas Day.

When Nick spots Peter heading out he’s immediately suspicious. 
Realising the Bros tape is missing from the drawer, Nick confronts Peter, convinced he’s after Leanne. 
Nick punches Peter and the two men are soon brawling in the street. Nick grabs the Bros tape from Peter’s pocket and thrusts it at Leanne ordering her to open it. Leanne’s horrified as she reads the message. 
What is Peter’s game?

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Abercrombie said...

Nick Tilsley upsets my equilibrium. I suppose when Mama is always simpering around you, ending up bit of a wimp is par for the course. No sane woman would put up with such a guy unless the character that is Leanne turns from an independent woman to a mum to be who needs a man? Did I say man? Oh, wrong choice! He was the only choice on the street at the time I suppose.

Sue said...

I hate it when characters have a punch up at Christmas, leave that sort of thing to Eastenders.

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