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Friday 30 December 2016

Coronation Street fans vote for Becky, Janice return

WhichBingo polled 1,000 members of the public to find out which soap character they would like to bring back. 
At the top of the list is Becky McDonald, followed by Janice Battersby at number 3.  

In at number 5 is Tina McIntyre. But, er, isn't she dead?
Down at number 10 is Peter Barlow but as he's already back it makes me wonder when the poll was carried out.
  1. Becky McDonald – Coronation Street 247 24.5%
  2. Grant Mitchell – Eastenders 230 22.8%
  3. Janice Battersby – Coronation Street 223 22.1%
  4. Pat Butcher – Eastenders 188 18.6%
  5. Tina McIntyre – Coronation Street 175 17.3%
  6. Nasty Nick – Eastenders 171 16.9%
  7. Mandy Dingle – Emmerdale 170 16.8%
  8. Fatboy – Eastenders 167 16.6%
  9. Peggy Mitchell – Eastenders 139 13.8%
  10. Peter Barlow – Coronation Street 133 13.2%
  11. Stacey Slater – Eastenders 117 11.6%
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Louby said...

When was that done? I don't watch EE but I think Stacey returned quite a while ago. At least 5 of those characters are dead!

I would have said Shelley but I've just seen your other post!

Humpty Dumpty said...

I'd like to see Janice return as a mellowed, less gobby character. Becky doesn't have a good reason to return and Katherine Kelly wouldn't have the time. Janice would knock seven bells out of Nick (especially) and Peter for messing her girls around. She'd need a job and it should be anywhere but the factory. Distribution centres are popping up all around so it may be time for a new industry to start up on the Street, giving new employment to characters.

Anonymous said...

Was it sponsored by Doris Stokes?

Unknown said...

Yes, this survey must be quite old! I agree Becky would have no believable reason to come back and this character I think has gone as far as she can on the Cobbles without everything being re-hashed. I would like to see Janice back as well. It's too bad she left before butting heads with bio mom Stella. I'd like to know how she fared with the handsome Bin Man she ran off to Europe with.

I would love to see Natasha, the hairdresser come back but then I can't concoct a believable reason as to why on earth she'd come back to face the awful Platts/Tilsleys. She was a fantastic character performed beautifully by Rachel Leskovac.

As for the deceased characters like Fatboy in Eastenders, I think the hope was that there was some kind of mistaken identity and the character escaped death and has been hiding all this time or some kind of soapy storyline much like the current character of Cathy Beale in Eastenders whom everyone thought had died but has now come back to the Beale homestead very much alive.

Cobblestone said...

Becky still has her nephew & niece, Max & Lily, living on the Street - her only close family, so I don't see there's a problem with her visiting to see them (if Kat Kelly was available & willing). She was also pretty close to Amy, raising her when her mother was in prison.

I too would love to see Natasha return - with Nick's child in tow. (She could have become pregnant a day or two before she left the Street, and who could blame her for concealing the fact?)


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