Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Magnificent - ITV tribute to Jean Alexander

What a wonderful tribute it was from ITV last night to the late actress Jean Alexander, who played Hilda Ogden.  Well done to all involved.

The tribute was narrated by Katherine Kelly, who played Coronation Street's Becky McDonald. It included some of the current Corrie cast sharing their memories of working with Jean, and also included Jean's brother and his family sharing their personal memories too. 

With ex-Corrie writer John Stevenson and ex-archivist and writer Daran Little on board for the documentary too, it was quite a magical mix.

Here are some images from the programme which aired in the UK last night.  You can also view it on the ITV Hub.  

I do hope ITV and ITV Shiver make the programme available for overseas fans too.

Hilda and Stan's living room was recreated by the current Corrie crew.

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fairycake said...

Brilliant! X

Conversation Street said...

An excellent tribute - well done to all involved.

You've said you hope it becomes available to overseas viewers. It is, at least, being shown on CBC on the 28th December. Canadian fans should definitely tune in!

Robin Middleton said...


coconno196 said...

The scene with Stan's glasses made me cry all over again. Wonderful actress, and real emotion from the cast members featured in the tribute.

Anonymous said...

Good News. On CBC in Canada after Christmas.

Derelict Cucumberpatch said...

Excellent programme. And it was great seeing some old favourite characters too!

Aussie Pete said...

The recreation of the Ogden's living room was sublime. Sally's reaction was wonderful when she saw it. A fantastic tribute with both laughter and tears.

JennyMac said...

Absolutely wonderful. We enjoyed every minute.So beautifully done and there was real warmth to the programme. So sadly missed. We used to see her in Southport quite often, so ordinary and lovely. XXX

Louby said...

I've been watching again an old video tape called the Women of Coronation Street, made late 90s. Betty visits Hilda and they reminisce with some brilliant clips. Great viewing, I don't know if it's on DVD but well worth a look on eBay.

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