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Friday 23 December 2016

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Fri 23 Dec

Friday 23rd December 2016
AIDAN HAS A CHOICE TO MAKE When Eva wonders why Aidan was so late home, he lies, making out he spent the night in the factory catching up on paperwork. Aidan, Beth, Craig, Eva, Jenny, Kate, Michelle and Steve gather at Maria’s flat, determined to celebrate Christmas with her before her court appearance. When Eva finds out how Aidan punched Adam out of allegiance to Maria, she’s proud of him and Aidan feels terrible. Extracating himself from the party, Aidan heads to the factory where he texts Maria to join him. Promising Maria that he’s going to finish with Eva, Aidan and Maria kiss passionately, unaware of Johnny watching them. Is the game up?
NICK SHOOTS HIMSELF IN THE FOOT The Barlows gather at No.1 for an early Christmas. When Peter furtively removes a present from under the tree and stuffs it in a drawer, Nick’s intrigued. Simon’s underwhelmed with his present from Peter, a console game he’s already played. But when Nick presents him with a drone, Simon’s ecstatic. As Leanne rails at Nick for trying to upstage Peter, Peter slips out of No.1 and surreptitiously books a hotel room, who is his mystery woman?
GARY GETS HIS WIRES CROSSED The police question Sarah about Bethany’s disappearance. When Gary reveals that Bethany’s become involved with an older man, Sarah’s horrified. Norris reveals he saw Bethany on Maxine’s bench and Luke had his arm round her. Appalled, Gary confronts Luke and accuses him of grooming Bethany. Luke furiously denies it whilst Faye listens with alarm.
ELSEWHERE Billy’s thrilled when he receives an email telling him he’s got the job at the Rehab Centre. To appease Steph, Andy goes to the doctors about his headaches. Whilst the doctor is distracted, he steals some painkillers from her emergency bag. Having retrieved Michelle’s new TV from the allotment, Craig helps Tim unload it, but the box splits and the TV hits the cobbles.

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Anonymous said...

D'you know, when Gary and Bethany were in the hotel room, I was under the impression that Gary knew it was himself Bethany had the hots for. I thought he had sussed it out by what she was saying. Is he really that thick that he hasn't cottoned on?

And Leanne is getting on my nerves now, why does she keep feeling the need to be in Peter's corner all the time? Stupid waddler!

Anonymous said...

Leanne is getting on my nerves too and I think secretly she loves the attention from Peter as much as Maria does with Aidan.
Again another resident is falsely accused,this time it's Luke's turn be accused of going after Bethany.
Perhaps Sarah needs to spend less time going after men and more time with her family as Bethany is following in her mother's footsteps.

Maricha said...

Leanne is also getting on my nerves. When has Peter ever been such a great guy that he needed defending? Maybe Nick does want to upstage him, but then again, maybe he knows what Simon likes because he's been there,if Simon wanted him, for years.
Two men can't carry a television without dropping it? Ah, well.Anything for a laugh.


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