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Saturday 31 December 2016

Corrie weekly update - Happy New Year's Eva

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Mary decides to up sticks and move to South Africa when her son she’s never met turns up and asks her to move away. “I’ve never felt so sure about anything in my life,” Mary tells Dev when he asks her if she’s certain she wants to go to South Africa.   Even Norris tells her he’ll miss her. Last New Year Emily went to Peru. Will Mary follow suit and leave the Street? We’ll have to wait and see if Mary’s as sure as she says she is.
Someone who does leave the Street this week is Andy, who kisses Steph in the Bistro then packs his bag and does one. He’s scared stiff of Phelan, who’s out of hospital and straight in the Rovers for a pint and a hard stare at Andy who quakes in his boots.
But it’s not all people packing up and leaving this week, no. Toyah Battersby returned and what a joy it is to have her back.  She’s fleeing her husband who seems a solid, sensible type but there’s no spark of passion between them any more. She’s also been through failed cycles of IVF and you can tell that’s caused tension between them that they haven’t been able to have a much-wanted baby. Anyway, not only is Toyah trying to get away from her husband, she’s also, it transpires, been having an affair with Peter Barlow. I know, I know. How ridiculous and convoluted is that? But we have no choice but to believe it otherwise we might as well give up on Corrie right now.  We have to go along with it, to trust the writers know what they are doing, that the storyliners know where they’re taking us. But still, you know, what are the chances? Anyway, their affair’s a big secret of course, especially from Leanne. But when Simon is given a drone for Christmas he flies it up the street where it takes pics of Peter snogging Toyah up the ginnel. Peter lies to Simon and tells him there’s nowt going on between him and his aunty Toyah but Simon’s not daft, not any more.

Over in the Platt house Gail and Audrey are in Milan with Steven. And while they’re away, Sarah reads Bethany’s text messages and sees a text from FAYe about her crush on Gary. Now that Sarah knows what’s going on in Bethany’s head, she dumps Gary who leaves to go to Germany to spend time with dad Eddie.
Bethany however is in a right old two and eight and swallows even more diet pills. She collapses in the ginnel and a new bloke called Nathan finds her. Nathan works in a tanning salon and pretends to care for Bethany but it’s all a nasty start to Bethany being groomed in a sex gang storyline.  Nathan is somehow connected to another new character Shona who has turned up and Billy is taking her under his wing.  Is the a fallen angel though, or the devil in disguise?  Billy thinks it’s the former and decides Shona is the sign he needs to go back to the church and follow his calling.
And finally this week, just a note to say that Coronation Street is using incidental music more often than I would like. There, I’ve said it. And I hope it stops soon.

And that’s just about that for this week.

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