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Saturday 24 December 2016

Corrie weekly update - Three Wise Men and Mary

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And lo, gathered at the inn, by which I mean at a hotel in Leeds, is Gary Windass, Bethany, Faye and Sarah Platt. They’re all going to a gig and decide to stay over at the hotel. But Bethany fancies Gary, Faye gets drunk and Sarah does her nut when she finds out what’s gone on when she gets there.  When Bethany realises she’s made a show of herself she does a runner and goes missing.

Mary’s upset when she finds out that Norris has gone and told Gemma that she’s looking for her son, Jude. Gemma takes it upon herself to help Mary out and records a message which she posts to social media asking people if they know Jude who may, or may not, be Mary’s son.  It can’t be too long before Mary’s boy child turns up on the cobbles.
Maria’s in need of three wise men and six wise women on the jury in her court case. She throws a Christmas party just in case she’s sent down for marrying gay Pablo. I wonder if he’s being sentenced too?  Aidan tells Maria he loves her and wants to be with her. Coward that he is, he doesn’t have the decency to tell Eva that he doesn’t love her any more.   Adam doesn’t realise just what turmoil Maria’s going through and so when he finds her drunk in the Rovers he thinks she’s just up for a party. Kirk almost flattens Adam – and I truly wish he had – but it’s Aidan who steps in and throws a punch in Adan’s face.
Phelan blackmails Andy into stealing ipads from the Bistro. “I own you,” Phelan tells Andy who breaks out in a sweat.
Over at the Barlows, presents are heaped on Simon. Peter’s not best pleased when Nick’s presents are ten times as big, and better, than the computer game he gives his son.  As Peter and Leanne chat in Ken’s kitchen, Nick’s sure there’s summat going on between the two of them. And then we see Peter in the backyard at the Barlow’s on the phone to a hotel booking a double room for him and a certain Miss Battersby…

And finally this week, Steve leaves it to Tim and Craig to deliver Michelle’s Christmas present which is a 55” posh telly screen.  Tim and Craig start off as the Chuckle Brothers – to you, to me – and end up as the Chuck-It-And-Smash-It Brothers when the telly falls out of its box and smashes on the Street.  Oh ‘eck.

Merry Christmas one and all!

And that’s just about that for this week.

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