Thursday, 15 December 2016

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Thurs 15 Dec

Thursday 15th December 2016
PHELAN SUFFERS POETIC JUSTICE When Phelan assures Eileen he had a gentle word with Anna, Eileen softens towards him. Clearly seething, Kevin approaches Phelan in the builder’s yard and accuses him of deliberately setting out to destroy Anna. When Phelan mocks him, Kevin flies at him in a rage. Luke arrives, hauling Kevin away. Later, Luke tells Andy about Kevin’s fight with Phelan and how he reckoned Phelan had something to do with Michael’s death, confirming Andy’s suspicions. As Phelan locks up the builder’s yard, Andy appears from the shadows and hits him over the head with a brick. Phelan slumps to the ground. As Steph discovers Phelan’s lifeless body, is it the end of Phelan?
ROBERT STRUGGLES TO HIDE HIS FEELINGS Having bought Michelle a huge TV for Christmas, Steve wonders where he can hide it. Meanwhile Robert and Michelle deliver the food order to some lads having a house party. When the lads refuse to pay, Michelle feigns labour pains and Robert grabs the food and hurries back to the van with Michelle following close behind him. As Michelle and Robert head home in good spirits, Michelle has a proposition for.
CONCERN GROWS AT ROY’S RASH DECISION Brian and Tyrone do their best to talk Roy out of his decision to sell the café but Roy’s adamant it’s for the best for him and Cathy. Pointing out the for sale board outside the café, Brian begs Cathy to try and make Roy change his mind.
ELSEWHERE Mary tells Norris she’d like to accept his help. Luke joins Tracy and Amy for tea at No.1. How will Luke handle the heat when Amy quizzes him closely to make sure he’s suitable boyfriend material? 

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Anonymous said...

Roy should sell the cafe... he could do what everyone else does and go work at the faktry. Hilarity to ensue, as it takes him 3-days to stitch one pair of knickers.

Humpty Dumpty said...

The publicity dept needs to get to grips with announcements. How can it be the end of Phelan when in we've already heard the following?

"Coronation Street's Executive Producer, Kieran Roberts, told a crowd of Corrie fans this week that we'll be seeing a lot more of Pat Phelan in 2017."

Anonymous said...

It strikes me that the right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing? Ergo announcements that fall flat.

Anonymous said...

Agree totally with all the above comments ... poorly written previews/spoilers that do not take into account other information that's already been released... and frequent plot holes, small and large. I LOVE the idea of Roy throwing in the towel and working in the underwear factory. Instead of stitching knickers, he should just run a mini-cafe inside the factory to accommodate their frequent tea/coffee breaks, lunches and in the event of over-time -- inhouse suppers. In between meal and snack breaks, he can be in charge of employee morale and corporate culture given his perpetual sunny disposition. Mary, Cathy and Yasmeen should gather some money, loans, investment together and buy Roy's Rolls.

Anonymous said...

I don't think Roy should sell the café as I suspect it's Cathy's idea rather than his
All through their relationship,Cathy has been running roughshod over Roy with demands that benefit her and Alex and I think Roy selling the café is another example of this as Roy is probably meant to feel guilty for calling off the wedding.
I'm surprised they're still together.

Anonymous said...

I must just say, I'm not keen on Alex anyway, but last night I was fuming when he tipped Roy's jigsaw up. Horrible person!

Anonymous said...

I totally agree lately both Cathy & Alex have pushed me to dislike them both - the sooner they leave the street the better, perhaps they could accompany Nessa back to Scotland and renew their sisterhood there and leave Roy alone. The outburst against Roy was totally uncalled for.

Tvor said...

Roy didn't call off the wedding, Cathy did.

Anonymous said...

How have you come up to the conclusion that it's Cathy's fault the café's up for sale? I suppose global warming and failure to achieve world peace is her fault too! C'mon, cut Cathy some slack

Anonymous said...

The only reason that Roy wants to sell the café is to make a fresh start with Cathy because Alex told him that she is still heartbroken.
It definitely is all her fault.

Anonymous said...

Roy made no mention of staying a new life with Cathy. Completely Roy's own decision

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