Sunday, 6 November 2016

Corrie Weekly Awards for Oct. 31 - Nov. 4

Costume win: The Witches of Eastwick behind the bar (most of them. See below). Mary as Mystic Mary though she looked like Snow White.
Costume Fail: Steve and Kirk are both Uncle Fester! Michelle was supposed to be a witch. She looked more like Farrah Fawcett.

Green eyed monster award: Sonia wasn't too keen on seeing the family group hug celebrating Rana and Zeedan's news.

Crash and burn award: Alya sure got a swift shove off that high horse when Sonia revealed the truth about the 7 year affair. "Face" "Backside" "Slapped" "Like a" seemed to be the result.

Phrase of Doom award: Maybe. Michael saying to Andy about him and Gail renewing vows. "You only live once" says the man with a dicky heart. Hmmmmm. Not quite classic POD but it's in the neighbourhood.

Mr. Dynamo He's Not award: Michael was getting cold feet before asking Gail to renew their vows. They're already back together, already married. Why get nervous now? Because he's Michael, that's why. He did manage it and they're very happy, celebrating under the fireworks. See Phrase of Doom award.

Firebug award: David actually wanted to have a fireworks/bonfire night for the kiddies. You've got to be kidding me. Is that actually the decision of a man that wanted to blow himself and someone else up in an inferno before nearly killing his child and badly burning a neighbour?

Her mother's daughter: Oh gosh, didn't Asha look like Sunita with the makeup on and her hair pulled back?

Lines of the week:
Leanne "Who's first with the news then? My sister, your mum or should we just tell Norris and watch it run"
Steve "I plow me own furrow when it comes to fancy dress"
Yasmeen "I'm not saying he's perfect. But he's my rock" Alya "Excuse me while I hurl"
Audrey "Maria couldn't knock the skin off a rice pudding"
Yasmeen "Onions and adultery. A lethal combination"
Sharif "I have never failed my family" (hypocrite!)
Alex "I was telling them about your old boiler" Gemma "Who? Me mum?" (ha!)

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Elsie Tanner said...

"Her mother's daughter: Oh gosh, didn't Asha look like Sunita with the makeup on and her hair pulled back?" do know they're not really related, don't you?

Maricha said...

Sunita looked fine but Asha is beautiful so I don't see much resemblance there.
Audrey is overstating it a bit (Maria did become worrisome when she went after Tyrone) but she does have a point about her employee's harmlessness.

Anonymous said...

The bloody nerve and incredible insensitivity of the Platt's having a bonfire night in lieu of what happened to Anna. Unbelievable!!

Tvor said...

My point was that even though the actress isn't related to Shobna Gulati, as she gets older, she seems to resemble her.

Cobblestone said...

They had a few sparklers; they weren't burning an effigy, for heaven's sake! (And I speak as a firework hater, having had my dogs going nuts every night for the last 9 days as fireworks have been going off!)

Anonymous said...

David is such an idiot..I was hoping Kevin would give him a beating but then I realized the idea was hilarious. Kevin couldn't beat an egg.

abbyk said...

Anon 12:11, Kevin actually spent some time in jail for beating someone, John Stape I think.

Jan said...

Aadi and Asha come across as not being very nice children.

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