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Coronation Street Weds 9th November episode review

Hiya! It's just Jordan with this week's Wednesday review. I think we all know by now that there is more chance of Liz McDonald dressing her age than me being on time with my reviews. But still, like the Kylie song says - it's Never Too Late! Here we go...

 As morning dawns on the cobbles, Bethany is trying to persuade Sarah that vlogging is a realistic career opportunity. She declares that she will vlog about hair and fashion, apparently setting her sights on becoming the next Zoella. If that fails, she'll blog about life in Weatherfield. Gary notices them and Bethany is thrilled when he compliments her hairstyle.  It would appear that the sixteen-year-old is falling fast for the gym instructor who is dating her mother and being a Soapland resident, she puts a daft plan into action. Leanne has booked a last minute getaway for herself and Nick, meaning that their apartment will be empty overnight. When she pops round to number 8 with some leftover food from the Bistro for the Platts, she kindly offers Sarah her own getaway only a street away. Unfortunately, Sarah's plans are scuppered when a desperate Michelle asks her to work that night since Sean has called in sick. This leaves Bethany with the opportunity to utilise the luxuries of an empty apartment. Earlier in the day, Leanne had stopped to compliment Bethany on her appearance. At the risk of sounding old, she told the feisty sixteen year old how things have changed since her day, in which women had to wait for men. Her observation planted an idea in the impressionable teenager's head, one which will almost certainly turn out to be monumentally bad.
"About 6:30?"
"You're inviting me round?"
"Yeah. See you later"

Not-So Sweet Caroline is spying on Maria's every move via a webcam and a tablet. Since Maria is innocent, the Soapland odds are stacked very much against her. She's got the typical pantomime villain of a police officer, who I would say is unprofessional with her patronising accusations. This type of police officer is always assigned to an innocent character and vice versa. The walls are closing on poor Maria and it seems as though admitting to her sham marriage may not have done her as many favours as Eva originally suggested. To make matters worse, Kate (who hated Caz five minutes ago, as Aidan rightly pointed out) is convinced that Maria is responsible for Caz's sudden disappearance. Aidan decides to help new best friend Maria and they drive round Manchester looking for Caz, to no avail.  Since a straight man and a straight woman can never be just friends in Soapland, there is obvious tension between the two. However, Maria later tells him how pleased she is that they have managed to go back to how they were after they spent the night together a few months ago. Unbeknownst to her, Maria Live is playing to an audience of one and right into Caz's hands. Now then, how do we bring this episode to a dramatic close? Maria offers bald Aidan a haircut to thank him and discovers the bloody scissors Caz has left for her. I can't even bring myself to write about the gaping plothole with those bloody scissors and how they got onto the table in the first place.  Oh dear, oh dear. How are you going to solve this problem, Maria?

"I don't know why stuff like this always happens to me"
Maria questioning her existence as a victim of the Soapland Curse

Anna has managed to move from the hospital bed and is getting ready to come home. She's still painfully adamant that her short-lived relationship with Kevin is over. Kevin is refusing to talk about it and is blocking everyone out. That is until he is paid a visit by Our Pal Sal. His ex-wife-twice-over gives him a talking to which appears to be in the field of reverse psychology. She assures him that no-one would blame him if he walked away from his relationship with Anna because of her injuries. It's not like they've been together for long anyway. We don't get to see Kevin's reaction but we were treated to some more of Sally's wisdom later on in the factory. In an attempt to comfort Alya after the seven-year-affair of Shaif and Sonia was exposed, she begins to tell her how she has also been on the wrong end of an affair. Giving her deep feelings on the matter, Mrs Seddon-Webster-Webster-Metcalfe only mentions Molly (not Natalie Barnes) and the fact that she has also had numerous affairs must have just slipped her mind. The cheek of it! But then - it is Sally, so it's not too far from reality that she would only point out the mistakes of other people. After droning on about hurt and mistrust, she inadvertently tells an oblivious Alya that her granddad has done a flit to Newcastle.

"She was a friend. Or so I thought.
After the shock and the pain, it's the humiliation"

Have you forgotten about this, Sally?

Elsewhere, Eileen is surprised by a tart (no, not Rosie Webster - she's not back til February). Phelan has treated her to a posh treat from a fancy patisserie, no doubt in an attempt to keep her sweet. An appointment at the GP reveals that Eileen is not going deaf - her ears just needed a good clean.  And if you're wondering what the picture of Tracy at the top of this post is all about - well, that is the face of an acquitted murderess after dropping and breaking her phone whilst almost being knocked over by Luke.

"I reckon a whole family of bees must have set up home in those ears of yours.
Did you see the amount of wax?!"
"So embarrassing!"

A good episode with some fun moments as well as some serious. A nice mixture. And though I find the Caz/Maria/Bloody Scissors storyline very silly, it is quite intriguing so far!

As always,

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Louby said...

Are web cams very small? I guess they must be or it would have been noticed by now. Wouldn't the police have checked the CCTV of the ATMs where money was taken out by now?

I know this is Thursday's episode, but I have to say, what a stupid place for Aiden to hide the bloody scissors, in the bin outside the factory. To be found by someone no doubt.

Thanks for the review, entertaining as ever!

Anonymous said...

the scissor storyline is really silly when I'm sure that Aidan's hair is trimmed using a razor and not a pair of scissors. And why has she still not changed the door locks is still the number one question. I'll be glad when this is all over, but then we have the Barlow conundrum to face. Happy Christmas everyone.
BTW where is Liz? Is she hanging out with Todd, Sean & Billy? We haven't seen them either in ages.

Anonymous said...

Liz was in the Halloween episodes. Not that long ago

Anonymous said...

Not only is the "haircut" of a virtually bald person silly, but Caz might have a clotting disorder if her poke with the scissors several hours(??) before, has left so much blood on the tip of the scissors, that rather than be dried, congealed, or absorbed by the fabric in the case where they've been wrapped up, it is dripping a big bright red drop on Maria's countertop!! Better round up Caz and get her to the medical centre, pronto!!!

Anonymous said...

The Caz storyline is so predictable. She's framing Maria for her own murder but I bet anything she's going to be found murdered for real, right around Christmas of course.

If this ends up happening, my guess is that she's already dead, the scissors are the murder weapon and were planted there by the real killer, and it'll be determined that she was killed right around the time she went "missing". This will lead into the standard, months-long wrongly accused plot that usually went to Carla but now that she's gone Maria has taken the role.

Cobblestone said...

Apparently not as predictable as you think. I certainly wouldn't have predicted that as it make zero sense - we SAW Caz herself plant the scissors. We've seen her lurking in Sally's back-passage and her mysterious lair. She's not really dead!

Pat said...

How did Eileen hear Phelan from the kitchen say 'shut your eyes'?

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