Sunday, 2 October 2016

Corrie Weekly Update - Sept. 26 - 30

Richard Whitbread is in the update chair again this week. Take it away, Richard:

Hi, Glenda is still away and I have another week in update towers.  Hope you are enjoying the current stories.  We had an extra episode this week, so extra biscuits needed.

Early in the week Beth decided to try and crack Kirk and so took some flowers and said she was sorry.  He was cuddling a very ill Ozzie and did not go with her to the court hearing.  She was found guilty - a fine of £150 and community service, she is not looking forward to the orange tabard.  Craig has not returned home either.

Alya keeps on being nasty to Sonia and Sharif as she thinks she knows their secret.  She then blackmails Sharif into giving her £14k which she needs to go into business with Aidan to buy a special new machine to make the new designs - but she then dtiches Sinead offering her a £100 bonus.  Alya is quickly turning into a ruthless b***h - which marks quite a change for the character.

Sharif is still trying to balance all of the female demands and needs to find £15k for the reservation fee on one of Pat's flats as well as Alya's £14k.  Sonia puts the pressure on when Todd gives them the big sell.  The gm has however been doing very well and Dev (who is a partner in the gym) makes a point of saying they should be re-investing the money in the bank into some new kit.  He will have difficulty as Sharif transfers a chunk of the money from gym to his personal account to cover the demands being made.

Aadi and Asha open a flower stall outside Dev's shop which of course winds Tracy up a treat.  Tracy demands that Dev sorts them out.  They march into Preston's Petals and demand that Tracy sack Mary and they will close the flower stall.  Dev is unaware of their ulterior motive and is praising their business nous.  He takes Erica some flowers in the Rovers and she then opens the card with Liz - to find that the flowers have been stolen by the twins from the local graveyard.  They also get Dev in a good mood to write them a note excusing them from homework!  Erica puts the screws on the twins and Aadi breaks and admits they stole the flowers.  Dev bans them from watching tv for one day, so they watch it on their tablets instead until Erica confiscates them.  Mary is still working for Tracy.  Aadi and Asha continue to play up, so Erica seeks Mary's advice and she tells Erica how to handle them by treating them like dogs - structure and proper hierarchy with rules.  Erica follows the guidance and we then have a bit of fun - when she has a snooze they smear some marmite on her top lip.  Erica sees the funny side and proposes a truce - which is accepted.

In the almost forgotten setting of the allotment Alex finds a cup he won with Alan (Cathy's late husband) many years ago.  He then tells Roy that he knows that Alan was his father - Alan told him many years ago.  When they return to the cafe they announce to Cathy that Alex has decided to move to Inverness to live with Nessa.  Even this does not get to Cathy who agrees it would be for the best.  Roy will drive Alex to Inverness on the morrow.

Michelle wants to arrange some wedding catering with Zeedan who is obviously on holiday and she is really off with Robert for having ruined the life of her best friend (actually Michelle it was Carla who was in the wrong - not Robert).  Eventually Steph takes on the negotiations.

Andy is trying to find a new career and has decided he is a horror writer.  Mary, who has written some books of her own and used to have a gold bikini but lost the top in a hot spring in Iceland, offers to read his first chapter and provide some comments.  And Luke is chatting up an extra in the Rovers.

Ty offers to share the driving with Roy and they eventually head off via the backroads reaching Murton (near Durham, just off the A19 and nowhere near a route between Weatherfield and Inverness) where the Woody breaks down - Ty reckons that a new thermostat is needed.  Comic scenes of non-working mobiles and getting splashed by other passing vehicles happen before contact is made with first Cathy and then Kev.  Sense prevails and Cathy goes with Kev in his Thunderbird to rescue the travellers.  Once their Cathy makes it clear that she apologises and wants Alex and Roy back.  However I am not convinced that Roy is happy with the outcome.  Kev tows the Woody back to Weatherfield and Alex and Roy return home with Cathy.

Caz promises to talk Kirk round about Beth when they take Ozzie for a walk - but Ozzie collapses and is taken to the vet.  Later Caz breaks the news to Maria that Ozzie has cancer and the vet has booked the dog in for tomorrow.  Kirk carries the dog in through the door so Maria can say goodbye.  Having been through this with our dog I was nearly in tears!  A chunk of the extra episode was consumed with saying farewell to Ozzie - well I know he has been around a while but four weeping adults was a bit much!  Beth did however sit with Kirk until Ozzie died.  And now Maria realises how good a friend Caz has been.  THe two are snuggled together - just remember Maria she is gay and you are not.  Finally Maria tells Caz that there is no spark between them and she is NOT gay and that Caz must move out.  Pablo (Maria's gay husband) is in trouble with the Home Office and Maria has to go to London to play happy families for the authorities.  Once she is gone Caz cons Kirk into letting her stay and also nicks Maria's new credit card whilst getting the Home Office on speed dial.

Gary wants some new kit and is trying to persuade Sharif who says that Dev does not understand cash flow - the VAT and Corporation Tax payments are due and the new kit will have to wait for the next quarter.  Alya delivers the £14k cheque to Aidan for the new machine and Sharif tells Yasmeen that he is happy to proceed with the flat reservation as well.

Roy quietly drops a bombshell and asks Cathy if they can set a date for the wedding.  Whilst she is pleased to have Alex back she does not give Roy an immediate answer.  But very soon she is trying to get everyone setup for a December date - so it looks as though it will be a Christmas wedding.  Roy does seems much happier with moving forward with Cathy now that he knows she is different to Hayley and always will be.
Todd has another volte face telling Billy some of his romantic history and realising that he does not want to be a bad boy any longer so he tells Pat he is out again as he has got Billy to admit they might still have a future.  But he had better not rip off Eileen or Jason or he will come clean about the scam.  But Vinny puts the pressure on Pat who then tells Todd that Vinny prefers a scorched earth policy and not only Todd is at risk but also Eileen and himself.  Todd initially does not believe him and gets upset when Sarah signs up for a flat.  But Pat tells Billy about Todd's plan to spend his profits on sending Billy to work in Africa with the charity.  This is a surprise to Todd as well - but he covers his surprise and later congratulates Pat on being more manipulative than he is!  Pat says he is only defending his family.

Gail has announced that Michael is moving back in - Bethany and Sarah feel the place is getting crowded having encountered Michael without clothes and ask if they can move into their own place.  David meanwhile is getting updates on his phone.  Apparently Macca has had good news about his son (whom lest we forget killed Kylie).

And Bethany goes back to school whilst Lauren is expelled - apparently other girls came forward to register their concerns and Bethany is congratulated on being brave. 

Monday part 1 was written by Perrie Balthazar, part 2 was written by Ella Greenhill, Wednesday was written by Jan McVerry, Thursday was written by Julie Jones, Friday part 1 and part 2 were written by Damon Rochefort. The entire week was directed by Tim Finn.  Copyright remains the property of ITV to whom many thanks.

Huge sigh of relief as my stint comes to an end and it is my turn to go on holiday - off to the Colonies to inspect the Autumnal colours around Boston, Falmouth and Mount Washington plus Salem.  Glenda will be back next week - but I have enjoyed my time here and look forward to another opportunity some time in the future.

Reminder - my normal episode updates can be found on the Corriedays yahoo group along with my friends.  There is an interesting podcast at Conversation Street and of course Glenda can be found in many places.

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coconno196 said...

Good write-up. Just a small point - it was Macca's brother, not son, who killed Kylie. Possible confusion because Macca referred to him as "our kid", Northern slang for brother.

Rapunzel said...

One small development where Aiden took a strange interest in Liam. What was that about? He and Maria had been firing pot shots at each other since their one night stand. So why would he offer to look after her son all of a sudden? Is this a sign that they are going to embark on a full scale affair?

Anonymous said...

I agree. I thought that too. I thought Maria and Aidan were supposed to be giving each other a wide berth? Maria also said when she was talking to Kirk, that Aidan was taking Liam to the cinema too whilst she was away. Bizarre, but like you say, possibly the start of a new stage in this storyline

Maricha said...

Wouldn't the Connors take an interest in little Liam regardless of Maria because he's their relative? Aidan isn't offering to take Maria along so this just might be him being nice to his cousin.
Still, there's no way that one night stand is remaining a secret. Maria and Eva will be slapping each other on the cobblestones any minute now.

Anonymous said...

The Connors have never bothered with Liam before, that includes his aunty Michelle, so only one reason to start now, it's the Aidan/Maria plotline

Anonymous said...

Have you noticed the aging of Aldi and Netto? They are suррosed to be 10 years old yet have changed their Bessie street jumрers to weatherfield high uniforms - clearly a year earlier than normal. Is this down to the age of the actors рlaying the roles?

Anonymous said...

Yes, I agree it's a pretext, but since Maria and Aiden aren't an item yet why would she just hand over her son to him for an evening if they weren't related?
I do find it odd that Michelle never has young Liam over since she was close to his father at least the other Connors can say they just settled in town.

Louby said...

Well spotted. Continuity doesn't seem to matter to the script writers these days. The actors are clearly older though aren't they, like Simon.

Anonymous said...

The actors who рlay Asha and Aadi are 15 years old (according to corrieрedia) - so it is a little strange for them to be рlaying 10 year olds that's for sure

Shell said...

If it was a man, you'd just say he's "ruthless". No need to call Alya a "b**ch", please. Thanks!

Shell said...

Also, who created the designs - the creator is the person who owns the copyright, which would give Sinead at least half ownership if she and Alya created them together. I'm not sure how Sinead could pursue that legally, but she could at least google it a bit and get some legal advice. If they created the designs on work time, their terms of employment might state that any work created during work is owned by the company, in which case Johnny owns the designs.

Maricha said...

If I recall Sinead sewed the basques at Underworld but she drew the designs at home. At any rate, either Sinead drew them or Alya did but by looking at Sinead's designs.

Anonymous said...

it doesn't matter who did what actually - Alya is still a b***h for dumping Sinead without a thank you for a mere $100. in her paypacket. Talk about cheek. Alya needs to be taken down a peg or two.

Anonymous said...

It was such a tacky thing to do, too. Sinead had been sewing in peace, minding her business, when Alya asked her to make it a business. If after going to university Alya can't think of any better venture than one she steals from a young woman, she should ask her school for a refund.

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