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Coronation Street Episode Review Monday 3rd October

Not the face! Anywhere but the face! My face is my fortune!
Some Corrie fans think there's too much of the family Platt, but I love them and I can't get enough of David. May Jack P Shepherd never be tempted away by all the parkin in Emmerdale, the jellied eels of Eastenders, or whatever they eat in Hollyoaks.

Gail persuades her son to go to grief counselling, but David plays Scrabble on his phone and keeps an eye on Macca on social media. He helps Max with his maths, but uses the counsellor ("He says I need to relax") to get Gail to babysit whilst he swaps fractions for fractures and goes out to spy on (and presumably confront) the Macca lads in the Dog and Gun. He doesn't get a chance to get his revenge, because someone else is out looking for retribution - Lauren's dad. No-one puts Lauren in a corner - or gives her a choppy bob. Violence happens so rarely on the Street (or car park) that it seems shocking and David does take a punch so well. Begging Mr Lauren to let him go so that he can go take on Clayton's brother does not work and he is beaten and punched.

Back at home, bloodied by unbowed, Nick tries to talk some sense into him ("Max and Lily need a father, not a martyr") and David appears to agree with his bruv, before going out to an internet cafe, and revealing the name of Kylie's underage murderer on a news-site. Wouldn't a moderator just delete the comment? Anyway, I am glad that Payback Platt has not gone away. Better dig another grave, David!

I'll get you for this, Eileen!

Someone who is prepared to forgive - or at least pretend to - is Vinnie, after Eileen spends £30,000 on porcelain tiles for the fictional flats. She's left Streetcars to become a full time Concept Executive, but her first day doesn't go so well. "You brainless, stupid, irresponsible bint", Vinnie tells her, which makes Steve look like the perfect boss - the worst he ever does is eat the last Gypsy Cream.

You've got to feel bad for Vinnie - he thought that the fake flat development was just a common or garden scam and now he's being dragged into domestic dramas all over the shop. I find it hilarious that Eileen isn't at all scared of Villainous Vinnie, whereas Todd, who believes the story of Vinnie's violence, is wary. "We're selling the dream - up to a point." he tells Eileen, i.e. don't get on Vinnie's bad side, or else.

I bet you look good on the dancefloor
Rita is considering buying one of the flats for Jenny, but beforehand, she's got a mini-storyline of her own. Shocked that the Zambezi-Meteor-Moments-Club Wow-Toto Lounge is closing down, Freddie (ex-doorman) tries to persuade Audrey to come out to experience one last night there (featuring Herman's Hermits Crab and Manfred Woman), but she isn't keen, so he takes Rita (ex-performer) instead, leading to Audrey hanging round on corners spying jealously on them, before telling Freddie (who spent all night at the bar, not on the dancefloor) that they should go out dancing together. Isn't this storyline a bit of a re-run of Audrey's' jealousy over Ken and Nessa? Just choose one, Aud!

I bet YOU look good on the sports pitch.

Meanwhile, Michelle breaks client confidentiality and tells Steve that Tommy Orpington, top scorer for Weatherfield County, scourge of arch-rivals, Scarsdale FC, and alleged fruit machine addict, is interested in Michelle's wedding planning services. Has Michele organised a do successfully yet? They seem to end in disaster or 'Chelle almost sleeping with the groom. But it's Steve, and later Tim (in a fetching peach/pink shirt) and Tyrone who are love-struck. Tim has formulated a plan, complete with diagram and conversation practice to get 'round Michelle's ban of them talking to Tommy in the pub, but in the end, it's Tommy who introduces himself to them and then it's pints and selfies all 'round.

Weatherfield seems a wonderful place, from the glimpse which I got of it
from the train and the little I could walk through the streets.

Meanwhile, Andy is still pursuing his fictive dream of vampires that are really just maniacs, although Steph wants him to sort out calling someone to fix the dishwasher. Later though, he proves his worth by talking up Steph to Leanne as the only candidate to cover during La Battersby's maternity leave. Aw, he's a doll.

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Anonymous said...

Loved the expression on David's face in the final scene. Pure hatred. Jack P Shepherd plays evil David perfectly

Anonymous said...

The footballer stuff was pathetic.

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised that Eileen bought that many tiles for the new - never to be built complex - usually, the big draw about being the first to purchase is the option of picking your own finishing touches, such as tiles, flooring, carpet, cabinet colour, etc.
Also the wardrobe dept need to rethink their decisions - Rita looked fabulous until we saw those silly little boots which made her look like a crazy old bag lady and I hardly recognized Steph - she looked like someone about 20 yrs older and not that attractive either.

Maricha said...

You're right the only advantage for those buying early is to pick what they like and anyways, the designer should get the builder's approval before buying.

Anonymous said...

How would she know how many tiles were needed anyway, there were more holes in last night's episode than Jack Duckworth's string vest!
They need to employ a reality checker just to cover the basics.
It's no wonder that Les Dennis decided to leave, the Kabin's paperboy statue has more to do than Michael, yawn.

chartreuse said...

I was surprised that no-one mentioned trade discount! Here in Germany, you get the normal price and then underneath the reduced one for bulk and yet another for a larger order. This is in a quite normal P&Q style shop! The discount is regularly substantial!

Anonymous said...

Anon 08:23 I loved your line about more holes that Jack Duckworth's string vest. Michelle complaining about all the mail being left unopened was silly, when have we ever seen the back room look as if people really use it, everything is always so neat & tidy. It will probably lead into Steve ignoring the letter from Jim about his illness.

Anonymous said...

Apparently, Steve receives s phone call from Jim, not s letter

Pat said...

I thought exactly the same about Rita's awful boots.

Anonymous said...

david really did get a good рasting, he really is not a fighter - what was he going to do in the dog and gun, give them all a hard 'evil' stare and run away?

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