Tuesday, 5 April 2016

State of the Street - March 2016

State of the Street is a tad late this month but better late than never!

March brought Phelan into Eileen's bed and took Michael off to Brighton in an ice cream van. I'm getting the feeling this is only the first step in Phelan's quest to be the big fish in the little Weatherfield canal.

Billy and Eva were heroes. Rana and Zeedan got together though she's likely just toying with her toyboy.

Sarah had a baby and Gemma is on the Platts' back to remind them that there's a big secret about to burst out of the sewer like the alien out of John Hurt's chest.

Sally continues to shine with Tim as her voice of reason though she doesn't pay a lot of notice much of the time.

All this in more detail at State of the Street.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I had a thought when reading the piece (very good piece by the by)...the writers should have had Robert or Leanne come up short and instead of Carla rescuing Robert via Tracy blackmail...Bob and Lee could have decided to co-own the Bistro. THAT would have blown Tracy's pathetic little mind. And give Carla a little room to elbow Tracy back.

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