Monday, 4 April 2016

Preview of tonight's double Corrie - Monday 4 April

Monday 4th April
TRACY AND ROBERT HIT A BUMP Tracy calls in the bistro hoping for a quiet word with Robert but she’s thwarted when Carla arrives wanting to talk wedding plans. At the flower shop, she confesses to Beth she thinks she might be pregnant and is thrilled at the prospect. Tracy heads back to the bistro to share her news with Robert but she’s furious to find him still in deep discussion with Carla. Dragging Robert through to the kitchen, Tracy rages at him for all the attention he lavishes on Carla and drops the bombshell that she knows he slept with her. Robert’s stunned.
MICHELLE TAKES A STEP BACK FROM WILL Michelle summons Will to the Rovers and explaining that she’s enjoyed his company a bit too much, suggests he should find another wedding planner as it’s best they don’t see each other again. Will Will agree?
KATE COMES TO SOPHIE’S RESCUE As Kate helps Sophie wash the cars at the garage, she admits Caz wasn’t happy that Sophie saw her wedding dress. 
ELSEWHERE Andy tells Steph his plans to visit Michael in Brighton. Sally and Yasmeen become neighbours at war as Sally orders Tim and Craig to knock down the garden fence. Incensed, Yasmeen plans to sabotage their efforts. Liz takes Amy to music club at the community centre. A chap called Chris takes a shine to an oblivious Liz.

Monday 4th April
TRACY COMES CLEAN TO ROBERT Robert tells Tracy how sorry he is but she storms out. Back at No.1, Robert and Tracy row over his night with Carla. Robert tells Tracy how much he regrets it but points out they had broken up at the time. Tracy admits she’s known about his infidelity since the night of the bistro robbery and used her power to manipulate Carla into forcing Nick to sell Robert the bistro at a knockdown price. Robert’s disgusted. Tracy drops the bombshell that she might be pregnant. Robert angrily insists she does the test immediately. Will Tracy get a positive result?
MICHELLE’S BACKED INTO A CORNER Michelle lies to Liz telling her that Will won’t be bothering them again as Saskia has decided she wants to organise her own wedding. Liz is relieved. But when Saskia calls in the Rovers complaining about Michelle dropping them as clients, Liz is all ears, realising Michelle lied to her. Can Michelle come up with a compromise to appease everyone, despite her discomfort?
SOPHIE CONFIDES IN TIM ABOUT KATE Sophie and Sean discuss possible themes for Kate’s hen night but Kate insists she only wants a low key affair in the Rovers. When Caz phones and Kate makes to leave, Sophie’s disappointment is evident. Tim feels for her.
ELSEWHERE As Sally admires her new fence, she’s horrified to realise her garden has shrunk and Yasmeen has made Jason move the boundary! Sally vows to report her to the council for stealing her land.

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Louby said...

I don't usually read the previews so I won't know what's going to happen in advance, but now I have I think I might find something else to do tonight! Lots of arguing, no thanks! And way too much Tracy. I had forgotten that Robert didn't know that she knew. Why tell him now? Does anyone know when Carla is actually leaving? It feels like this has been dragging on so long already.

Anonymous said...

Agreed! Anything with Tracy is painful and tedious, and how many pregnancy scares has she had now? Enough already.

Anonymous said...

If Michelle is so uncomfortable why doesn't she just tell Saskia the truth, your fiancée is an ex sweetheart of mine whom I still have feelings for?Wait I forgot,this is Corrie where lies and schemes prevail to drag out storylines and justify affairs.

Anonymous said...

Please no more Sophie and 'insert current girlfriends name here' really is beyond the pale..IMO.

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