Friday, 8 April 2016

Becky McDonald voted fans' favourite Coronation Street woman

There were polls, there were more polls and then the counting began. Our blogger Llifon has done a great job and I can't thank him enough.

Today, the announcement came in as to who Coronation Street Blog readers had voted as the number one all-time, favourite Coronation Street woman.

Becky McDonald, played by Katherine Kelly, has been voted in at the number one spot.  Read all about Becky here.

Check out the countdown of the top 25 women here.

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Llifon said...

It was a pleasure to do - although the results were controversial even for me!

C in Canada said...

Yeah, controversial is right, I never would have seen Becky in the top spot.
Can't say I really disagree, since she was brilliant as Becky and I loved the character...but I think there were more deserving actresses.
I think this is more indicative of the younger viewing audience.

Humpty Dumpty said...

This is a comment about polls in general. I wonder whether there is a trend for the fans of popular actresses (and it tends to be a female rather than male thing) to surf the net looking for polls like Llifon's. KK has been very high profile recently with Mr Selfridge and Happy Valley. Alison King has a very strong, well-publicised fanbase of young women. Wouldn't mind betting that if AK's next tv show has a similar poll, her character will be right at the top. Not to sound churlish, and this is only a fun poll, but could fans vote more than once for the same character? Another trend, perhaps, that started on talent shows. For what it's worth, both actresses have around 270,000 followers on Twitter.

Ryan Oxley said...

You can take the lass outta Barnsley... brilliant actress and character. When corrie works on characters and fleshes them out, they become recognisable and loveable. Becky had flawed vulnerability, yet strength in that corrie tradition of female characters. True northern grit. Loved her. Well done on the poll too. A great read x

Kathy Brett said...

Thanks for the poll. I always enjoy taking part and find the results interesting. I look forward to the next one.

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